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The Nicola Tesla 3-6-9 Manifestation Method: Savannah Nicholson’s Experience

Savannah Nicholson recently shared her experience with the Nicola Tesla 3-6-9 method for manifestation, and according to her, it works remarkably well. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how she practices the method and why she believes others should try it.

How the 3-6-9 Method Works

The 3-6-9 method involves using a mantra to manifest desires by speaking it into present-day existence. For instance, if someone is trying to manifest love, their mantra might be, “My life is full of love and abundance.” Even for manifesting a relationship, the mantra would be, “I love my boyfriend so much,” acting as if the desired outcome is already a reality.

Steps to Follow

1. Morning: Write the mantra three times.

• Example: “I love my boyfriend so much.”

2. Midday: Write the mantra six times.

• Example: “I love my boyfriend so much.”

3. Evening: Write the mantra nine times.

• Example: “I love my boyfriend so much.”

Personal Insights and Observations

While Savannah keeps her specific mantra private, considering it sacred and personal, she attests to the method’s effectiveness. Each day she practices it, she notices more of her mantra materializing in her life, finding it fascinating to witness the changes.

The Power of Consistency

Savannah emphasizes the importance of consistency in this practice. Engaging with the process three times a day has been enjoyable for her, and the results she sees motivate her to continue.

Engaging the Subconscious

The 3-6-9 method works by continuously focusing the mind on the desired outcome. Writing the mantra, especially during the longer sessions, helps identify and confront subconscious blocks. These blocks are often limiting beliefs that prevent individuals from achieving their fullest potential.

Overcoming Subconscious Blocks

While writing the mantra, Savannah sometimes encounters thoughts like, “This is ridiculous” or “You’re being silly.” These moments are valuable as they allow her to confront and clear these subconscious blocks. Addressing these beliefs helps remove mental barriers that hold people back.

Final Thoughts

Savannah encourages anyone with a strong desire and an open mind to try the 3-6-9 method by Nicola Tesla. It’s a simple yet powerful way to engage the subconscious mind and bring desires into reality. By staying consistent and enjoying the process, one can watch their dreams materialize.

Savannah hopes others find this method as helpful and inspiring as she does. She welcomes questions and encourages others to share their experiences with the 3-6-9 manifestation method.

User Reactions and Comments

Savannah’s video sharing her experience with the 3-6-9 method received a lot of engagement and sparked various reactions from the audience:

Enthusiastic Support

Many comments express excitement and positive experiences with the 3-6-9 method, reflecting a belief in its effectiveness:

Elizabeth: “I’ve been doing the lil jon 3 6 9 method.”

Nunzio’s Mama: “I manifested a whole house within a month, dead serious 🥰”

I am just one piece…: “I’m on day 20 and SO MUCH has come to me. It’s wild.”

stlstacey: “I changed my entire outlook/situation with money this way.”

❤️NirVANa Trip🚐💨: “Yes it absolutely works❤️I’ve done it several times.”

These comments highlight personal success stories, reinforcing the method’s credibility for those who already believe in manifestation practices.

Skepticism and Criticism

Some users are skeptical about the method’s effectiveness and Tesla’s association with it:

tanyakristine: “this is silly. Nikola Tesla??? really? I’m googling.”

Dejan: “I tried for 40 days. Doesn’t work.”

Eamon Burke309: “I can’t imagine going online to tell everyone I just discovered focusing and basic willpower.”

user6789593531341: “I don’t think Tesla did this.”

These comments often express doubt about the historical accuracy and practical effectiveness of the method, questioning both the science and the anecdotes.

Humor and Pop Culture References

Many comments add humor, referencing pop culture and using the comment section to joke around:


Sarah Butcher: “Them: Nicola Tesla 3 6 9 Me: Damn she’s fine.”

Rickie.JR: “I want to own my own house… I want to own my own house… I want to own my own house… 🤭”

TheRentedNest: “You: I’ve been doing the 3, 6, 9 t- Me: DAMN GOOD TIME something something something TELL ME ONE MORE TIME.”

Humorous comments show how the community engages with the content in a lighthearted way, often referencing the song “Get Low” by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz.

Questions and Curiosity

A significant number of comments show curiosity and a desire to understand the method better:

Bas: “Can it be a complex thing? Not the basic ‘I want money’ thing but something more serious, complex and career-driven?”

tollytoto: “How many days do you do it for?”

KrisC: “Wait so do you say it out loud or write it down?”

Jodie: “Must I write it down? I can set an alarm to say it but if I have to have pen and paper on hand I’m going to get distracted on the way to get it #ADD 😂”

These comments indicate that while many are intrigued, they seek clarity on the specifics of the practice to better understand how to implement it.

Mixed Experiences

Some users report mixed results or share their cautious optimism:

ReeRee: “it worked for me when I was manifesting a job. I got it in the exact location down to the same pay package I was manifesting. however that job was horrible for me so I am scared to do it again.”

Tab: “my adhd couldn’t remember.”

These comments suggest that while some have seen success, it hasn’t been without its challenges or unintended consequences.

Doubts About Tesla’s Involvement

A recurring theme is the doubt about Nikola Tesla’s involvement in the method:

Kay Lynne: “it’s not the Tesla method, this isn’t what he meant 😅 it’s a good manifest strategy, but not coined by Tesla.”

Mary: “Except Tesla had OCD…..he was just obsessed with those particular numbers. It started with the number 3. And he slowly went mad.”

These comments highlight a critical view of attributing the method to Tesla, suggesting a misunderstanding or misuse of his legacy.

Overall Analysis

The comments section is a blend of supportive testimonials, humor, skepticism, and curiosity. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Positive Reinforcement: Many users claim success and believe in the method’s efficacy.

2. Skepticism: Doubts about historical accuracy and practical outcomes are prevalent.

3. Humor: Pop culture references and jokes create a lighthearted atmosphere.

4. Curiosity: Numerous questions reflect a desire to understand and implement the method correctly.

5. Mixed Results: Experiences vary, with some users noting partial success or unforeseen issues.

This diverse range of reactions underscores the complexity of public perception regarding manifestation practices and the influence of popular figures like Nikola Tesla on such methods.

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