Floristry requires special tools and supplies to craft the best-looking, fragrant flower arrangements for all occasions.

Whether to make a bouquet, care for your flowers, or run the shop, there are absolute must-haves to make your work look professional and stand out.

Sometimes, you may even have a bunch of tools and supplies. But those will still make your business fall short on the essential ones.

Whether you have a long-running business or are just starting, prepare an updated toolkit here!

1. Floral Tape

One of the must-haves for any florist is floral tape. There are two most commonly used types. Firstly, stretchable floral tape – to wrap around stems and bring flowers closer in bouquets. And second, adhesive waterproof one that is used to line vases or complex arrangements.

Floral tape easily disguises the stems, blending them all in and keeping the arrangement sturdy without letting them come off.

2. Thorn Strippers

Thorn Strippers are very important for florists, especially if you deal with roses. Thorn strippers, as the name suggests, help you get rid of the thorn when you use them correctly – from the head of the rose to the end of the stem.

It significantly improves the handling of the flowers. With it, you can preserve the beauty of thorny flowers and protect yourself and your customers from getting pricked.

3. Decorations

Florists must keep a stack of small decorative items to add beauty to their arrangements. On raiding a floristry enthusiast’s workplace,

So, ensure you also stock up on high-quality beautifying supplies like ribbons. Ribbons are one of the most versatile ways to add class to bouquets. However, make sure you contact reputed providers to get your money’s worth!

Some other personalizing objects are cards, colorful vases, boxes, and wrapping paper.

3. Floral foam & Pin frogs

Floral foam is the dark green spongy stuff where flowers are stuck together at the base of bouquets or vases. It stabilizes flowers as it is easily penetrable, and its density keeps them from falling.

It is used for occasions in the dry season because it absorbs water and keeps the flowers looking fresh all day.

However, the powder from cutting floral foam is not good for the lungs. So, take preventive measures like proper masks while handling them!

Another similar item is a pin frog – these are small, metal discs that look like a bed of nails. They hold flowers in between the nails, providing structure to the arrangement.

These are stuck to the vase base with adhesive tape, and the arrangement is made. They also provide some weight to the vases in case the event is in a windy place.

4. Floral Knife

Floral knives are a little less sharp compared to others but perfect for floristry purposes. They are both effective and efficient in how they are used for flowers and cutting floral foam.

It can also find other uses in the shop/studio. When choosing a knife, make sure you feel comfortable holding it. Otherwise, it may hurt you or damage your flowers.

5. Florist Wire

Florist wire is the to-go tool for the flowers to face a certain direction. It also finds uses in putting items in with bouquets, holding flowers in wreaths, securing arrangements, and making bows.

There are wires with different gauges, thicknesses, and flexibility, which must be decided according to the purpose. Florists also use chicken and paddle wire to make arcs or foundations for vase arrangements. So, make sure you choose the best one for your purpose!

8. Crowning Glory

The floral crowning glory is a liquid that prevents a flower from losing moisture. This reduces water loss and keeps the flowers looking vibrant and fresh for longer.

60% of flowers purchased are gifts, so you don’t want them to droop before they serve their purpose. Usually, crowning glory liquid is sprayed on bouquets and other arrangements as a final step.

Wrapping Up…

In the floristry industry, with your flower arrangement, you express deep feelings or meet cultural purposes.

To meet the purpose of your art, prepare the listed tools and supplies and even more to work magic into it and make your customers return for more!

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