Moving from one home to another is not easy. You have to pack up everything you know, figure out how to get it to your new home, and eventually unload everything. As you prepare to move, keep these major moving mistakes and how to avoid them in mind.

Packing Too Much Junk

It’s hard to admit, but many homes are full of junk. People love to consume and buy things, and this sort of behavior creates a home full of forgotten items left in corners and hideaways. Moving all this stuff can seem straightforward, but every bit of clutter piles up over time. Moving with a collection of miscellaneous, unorganized items will be difficult enough, and then you’ll put it somewhere in your new home where you will forget it again. Avoid this by taking the time to sort everything and evaluate what is truly meaningful and useful in your life.

Haphazardly Handling Electronics

Many people struggle with moving electronics because many of these items are fragile and come with hundreds of cables. Moves can become complicated, but thankfully there are some efficient ways to pack and move electronics.

First, you must make sure you store your data. This way, if anything unfortunate happens during the move, you will maintain your files. You should also unplug all appliances and remove batteries before moving so corrosion and internal damage don’t occur. Additionally, keep all cords organized and with their device, as they are one of the easiest things to misplace and forget during the move.

Packing Heavy Items in Giant Boxes

People often pack the heaviest, largest things in the biggest boxes. It’s easy to see these items as more valuable and in need of the extra space, but placing oversized items into awkward, giant boxes makes carrying and moving them difficult. Instead, try to pack heavy items in smaller boxes. This way, they won’t shift much during the actual move, and you won’t hurt yourself trying to carry them.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

People also tend to underestimate how much time the moving process will take. Many movers think it will only take a day to get everything together and pack it up. In reality, packing takes a lot longer than you often imagine. Every nook and cranny in the home has stuff that you need to put away, and the little things will quickly add days to your packing schedule. Make a timeline and itemize everything in your home. This way, nothing will surprise you and take up too much unplanned time.

There are many major moving mistakes to avoid, but even with preparation, you may never feel ready once the day comes. Take things slowly and give yourself enough time to prepare beforehand so that moving will be a breeze.

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