most expensive hobbies in america

There are lots of different luxurious pastimes to try, and it very much depends on what type of person you are to which one (or ones) will appeal to you. However, here is a small list that you may want to adapt or add to your bucket list in order to make a specific goal of yours for the near-future adventure.

In fact, you could amalgamate all of these fantastic suggestions into one exciting trip, and over a space of a vacation sample, all that you can of the luxurious live style that is your life.

Eat at a Michelin 3-star restaurant

Although you may be surprised to hear that the award of a Michelin star does not necessarily cover the quality of the food served within a restaurant, it does cover such areas as the restaurant’s location, the service given to its customers, and the suitability of the pairings between the food served and the wines on offer.

If nothing more, it is a real treat to have wines supplied by a qualified sommelier to go with the food that you have ordered, as this will not only make the food taste better but also increase the level of the enjoyment of the recommended wine.

With restaurants at the most stunning locations, you will find that the scenery is not left wanting. With 135 restaurants worldwide, including romantic places such as France, Italy, New York, and even London, you do not even have to just look to attend one in your own country.

With service second to none, you will not be disappointed, nor will you leave a 3 Michelin star restaurant feeling like you have not had a particularly luxurious evening. Going to a Michelin 3-star restaurant may not be so out of the way as you think although you could book that romantic vacation and take in the sights and finish an evening off with a fantastic experience in a restaurant, the chances are that you could find one a lot closer to home than you think.

Visit a Casino

This may not be seen as a luxury to some, but to others, it can be the most luxurious evening out. Of course, there are definitely places where you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to Casinos, and Las Vegas is definitely one of them.

Las Vegas boasts at least 30 casinos within luxury hotels on the strip alone, with many more nearby for those that want to embrace the full experience of some of the most luxurious casinos available. However, if you cannot be there in person, there is no reason for you to miss out on the casino scene completely.

Nowadays, there are casino sites online where you can take part in the slots games offered by more physical establishments, such as the 777-deluxe at, but you do have to check if it is legal in the country or state that you are currently living in before you participate in any activities advertised by them.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is not only a luxurious pastime but is also a great way of keeping fit for those who are not so keen on going to a gym or jogging around the block and for meeting like-minded people.

In fact, there are many friendships and romances formed due to attending dancing clubs. It is not all about the dresses either as you do not necessarily have to get all dolled up to participate. Unless, of course, you are a serious dancer and want to take your dancing to the next level and go in for competition to win awards and certificates for your dancing techniques.

There are many different dance clubs available, with most areas providing ballroom dancing as one of their disciplines.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is definitely one of the most luxurious pastimes that there is, and not only because it is scuba diving but because of the locations that you will need to go to in order to perform the best scuba diving and reap the rewards with memories.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t really want to go scuba diving in your local river; however, in a place like the Maldives, Caribbean, or Thailand, you could probably be persuaded, and who would blame you? With the beautiful coral reef, colorful fish, and clear waters, the location itself is to be seen as luxurious.

Indeed, the beautiful locations that you can go to in order to enjoy your scuba diving do not stop at just the aforementioned destinations, but there are hundreds to choose from all over the world depending on what it is that you want to see and experience.

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