In this country, the police can arrest you at any time. They might suspect you did something, even if they did not catch you in the act. Maybe you’re innocent, but the authorities can still arrest you, hold you, and charge you.

If this happens to you, then your whole lifestyle can change. Maybe before it happened, you felt carefree and had few troubles. If the police arrest you and you face a criminal trial, you must walk a difficult path.

We’ll talk about how your life can change in this situation right now.

What Charges Might You Face?

The police might think you committed just about any kind of crime. Maybe they think you’re a drug trafficker. In California, drug traffickers face 5-40 years in federal prison for a first offense, so that’s a terrifying prospect.  

The police might think you killed someone. They may suspect you assaulted someone or harassed them. They might say you committed a white-collar crime like fraud or embezzlement.

No matter what the police say you did, the justice system owes you a fair trial. While you’re waiting, though, you may notice the following life changes.

Your Friends and Neighbors May Not Respect You Anymore

While you wait for your day in court, the court of public opinion might already convict you. Maybe your friends and neighbors hear about the charges through the rumor mill.

You would hope they know you well enough so they won’t believe the charges against you. Perhaps they do believe them, though, and they go no-contact. They may turn their heads away when they see you. They might stop calling or coming over.

That can make you feel depressed or sad. Knowing that your friends and neighbors no longer support you can get you in an unpleasant mental state.

You Might Have Trouble in Your Relationship

It’s bad when your neighbors or friends won’t support you following an arrest and an upcoming criminal trial, but if your spouse or significant other won’t support you, that’s even worse. Maybe your spouse or partner doesn’t believe you when you tell them you didn’t do it.

If so, you might sleep on the couch while they sleep in your bed, or vice versa. You may not share the same intimacy that you once did. You might communicate formally and without any love or affection.

You might even leave the house and stay in a hotel until you can get through the trial. If the police say you did something particularly bad, it can even end your relationship if you can’t convince your spouse or partner it’s a mistake.

Your Business Might Suffer

Maybe you own a business or operate one. If so, then you might see sales drop off after the police arrest you. While you await trial, you might try running your business as usual, but the community heard about what happened, and they believe the rumors.

If so, you should see far fewer customers, and when people do come in, they might stare at you. You may also see that your workers look at you differently. 

Depending on the charges, some of them may even quit and look for new jobs. They might think you did something so egregious that they can’t stay on as part of your business anymore.

You Might Spend Time Behind Bars

If the police suspect you did something awful, like first-degree murder, then they might not let you leave their custody while you await trial. If they think that you killed someone and you’re a flight risk, then they will likely insist that you stay in jail.

If you’ve never spent any time in jail before, and you’ve lived a law-abiding life up to this point, then your experience might frighten you. If you’re in there with hardened criminals, you might feel shock and despair. You must get through this time as best you can.

You Might Feel Anger and Confusion

If you’re out of jail and awaiting your trial, you must prepare your defense with your lawyer. While you do, though, you might feel anger about the misunderstanding and confusion about why the police targeted you.

You might see a therapist or some other mental health professional while you await trial. You need someone impartial who can listen and commiserate.

Your life might get better if you can get through the trial and prove your innocence. Perhaps then you can reclaim your former life.


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