Planning and executing a wedding comes with an overwhelming amount of stress, organization, and mindfulness. And when you plan this wedding outdoors, these stressors can amplify tenfold. You can’t please everyone in attendance, but you can consider a few of these comfort measures when you set up an outdoor wedding that your guests may appreciate.

Place Bug Spray Around the Party Tent

The party area and place your guests are eating their meals should be free and clear of pesky bugs. Outdoor weddings and spaces are not immune to bugs, regardless of the location and month. You don’t want your guests disrupted or irritated by the presence of bugs because this can lead to early departures or a lack of fun in the atmosphere. Consider providing the reception and party tent with bug spray that guests can use as they deem necessary to protect their table, belongings, or bodies from bites.

Provide Climate-Friendly Accessories

Climate-friendly accessories can include a long list of items, and it might sound expensive to provide every guest with an appropriate accessory. But the reality is some things can work in small amounts. Consider placing a few sunscreen options around the event space so that people can use them if they wish.

Scatter some umbrellas around because some people will bring one, others will forget, and some might find one in their vehicle. If you can have a basket of them ready, this can alleviate a lot of stress for guests in a surprise shower. As for climate control, you might find fans or outdoor heaters useful depending on the time of year. It’s best to prepare accordingly, even if it’s only a few umbrellas and one heater.

Don’t Skimp on Sanitation

Sanitation includes a variety of accommodations, including restrooms, laundry, and showers. While you don’t need to invest in all three, you should at least consider the restroom options. Your guests will expect to use the restroom at one point or another, so consider investing in luxury trailer rentals that offer climate control, running hot and cold water, and sometimes an attendant. Outdoor weddings need sanitation rentals to ensure the health and safety of everyone there, so avoid skimping on these accommodations.

Be Mindful of Seating Arrangements

Outdoor weddings are great for wide open spaces, natural scenery, and breathtaking photos. But in the midst of all that, sound can get lost as it has a lot of areas to travel. When you arrange the ceremony and possibly the reception, be mindful of how you seat people. If people are too far away, they won’t hear almost anything. Test all seating positions before finalizing the arrangements to ensure anyone can hear.

Outdoor wedding receives a lot of love and sometimes even more criticism. It’s essential to remember this is your big day, so focus on your opinions, requests, and decisions. Consider some of these ideas when setting up your outdoor wedding to bring comfort and reduce backlash.

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