How To Prepare Yourself for a Photoshoot

Whether it’s for senior photos, headshots, or just for fun, much more goes into getting ready for a photoshoot than some people realize. If you have a session coming up and want to be as ready as possible, this guide on how to prepare yourself for a photoshoot is here to help.

Choose Locations

The first step in your photoshoot planning process should be location scouting. Do you have a favorite spot at the park? Maybe there’s incredible wall art downtown that you’d like to use as a background. There are typically many places to choose from, so it’s best to start narrowing options down early.

Of course, you can utilize a studio if you prefer to keep things simple—this will make it easier for your photographer to control aspects such as lighting. Additionally, if they have a green screen, you will have access to a wide variety of backgrounds without leaving the comfort of a studio. Whether it’s in a studio or an outdoor location, a professional San Diego headshots photographer can accommodate your needs.

Assemble Your Outfits

This could probably go without saying, but you should plan your photoshoot outfits well in advance. It’s important to wait until after you’ve decided on a location in order to choose clothing that works well in the given environment. One thing to note if you end up using a green screen—there are certain styles and colors that you should avoid. Be sure to ask your photographer for their opinion on potential outfits if you’re not sure what will work best.

Gather Props You Might Need

When preparing yourself for a photoshoot, an optional step is gathering props to use on set. Depending on the style of your shoot, you might need to have necessary props figured out ahead of time. There’s a good chance that your photographer will have items that you can use, but nothing will work better than personalized props. A perfect example would be your diploma if your photoshoot is in celebration of your graduation, but there are plenty of other personal items you can bring to fit the theme of your session.

Get Plenty of Rest

An often-overlooked step of preparation is ensuring that you get enough sleep the night before. Too many people spend the entire night completing last-minute preparations or stressing out about the following day. We recommend going to bed earlier than you normally do—you can always wake up early to finish any final touches. Plus, if you’re a bit anxious, the earlier bedtime will give you extra time to relax and fall asleep. Either way, you’ll want to look and feel your best during your shoot.

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