Have you ever wondered if God made someone to watch over you? There are many times in life when you feel alone and as if no one on the planet is with you. That’s when you’ll be glad you have your guardian angel by your side.

Angels have been dispatched to protect and heal you. However, they cannot connect with you directly and respond to your concerns.

So, they will continue to give you signs; you must pay attention, think, and compare the signs to your recent experiences. But what are those indicators? Here are the most prevalent indicators that your Guardian Angels are watching over you.

1. Coming Across Angel numbers

If you keep seeing certain numbers or numerical sequences repeated to you, it could indicate that Angels are attempting to catch your attention. For example, you might see  355 angel number on a ticket, the sum of $355 on a receipt, and an unknown phone call from a number beginning with 355. If you frequently come across angel number 355, know that angles are trying to tell you that you’re getting close to success.

Alternatively, you may find yourself waking up at 4:44 every morning.

2. Noticing Oddly Shaped Clouds

How to Know If Your Guardian Angels Are Protecting You
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When you were younger, you might have noticed the shapes of clouds, but did you ever consider that they could represent evidence of entities? Sways and trails in the clouds are signs of a guardian angel looking over you and attempting to assist you in a specific route.

3. Vivid Dreams or Memories

Although dreams are natural, you may be having unusual dreams. They are extraordinarily vivid, and you recall them vividly. It’s almost as genuine as what you’re looking at right now. This is also possible with memories.

If you have unexpected recollections but can’t pinpoint where they originated, this indicates that your spirit guide is attempting to reach you.

4. Seeing Common Rainbows

Guardian Angels: Seeing Common Rainbows
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While there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it does have significance. They are spiritual and a source of awe and beauty. If a rainbow emerges without the presence of rain, it is most often a sign provided by an angel. They prefer to remind us of their existence, so we know we are not alone.

5. Feeling a Presence

If you have the impression that you are being observed, this is a huge indicator. It happens more frequently than we realize. This often indicates a deceased loved one is keeping an eye on you or keeping up with what you’re doing. A sense of presence in the room suggests they are attempting to contact you.

6. Finding a white feather

Finding a white feather
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While any feather might be a sign, white feathers are widely regarded to be the Angels’ “calling card.” A feather may be an Angel sign if it occurs in an unexpected place, such as your handbag or a shelf in your home, where its presence is difficult to explain.

A white feather may send a message of encouragement and reassurance. It could be an angel telling you not to give up and that the end of your struggle is close. It could also be a simple reminder that you are not alone and that your Angels are at your side.

7. Flashes of light

Flashes, sparkle in the corner of the eye, unexplained shimmers, or shafts of light pouring around you are all examples of odd light effects.

Perhaps it is the sparkle of a dazzling mirror when no sunlight is present. They are often weird orbs that appear in pictures.

These remarkable light effects are frequently thought to indicate Angel’s presence.

8. Enhanced Senses

Can you hear, smell, and see better now? Your senses may be significantly amplified for ten seconds. It’s almost as if they’ll go away if you move, and it’s almost like a daydream. If you’ve had this experience before, it’s a good indication that you’re on the right course.

9. Finding coins

How do I know angels are helping me?
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Have you heard the expression “pennies from heaven”? Finding pennies or dimes in strange places can be a sign from the Angels, letting you know they are here to love and support you.

Sometimes these coins have a personal meaning that pertains to a problem or question you’ve been thinking about in your life. When you find one of these unusual coins, it is suggested that you try to recall what or who you were thinking about at the time.

Is there anything special about it? Is there any significance to you in the year or type of metal? It could simply be confirmation of something you’ve been wondering about.

10. Solar Plexus

When you get butterflies or a knot in your stomach, it could be a sign from the Angels that something is wrong. Your Angels may remind you to be cautious and aware of your surroundings by activating your Solar Plexus chakra.

When you get a knot about a particular person, the Angels may warn you to be cautious with them or to limit your time with them.


If you feel your guardian angel is nearby, they can always assist you in times of need. They come to guard and guide you, and some signs are more accessible to interpret than others.

Body aches, a sudden need to pray, or a dazzling light appearing amid darkness are indications that someone from heaven has sent you a message to guide you.

Your guardian angel might also communicate with you through your thoughts and feelings. If things suddenly make sense, they’re explaining everything to you.

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