How to Feel Your Best This Summer
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Summer is the time to really shine, so why not make the most of it and really feel your best? With longer days comes more adventure, more time with friends, and more memories. 

If you’re ready to have your best summer yet, unlock these 10 tips and instantly feel your best this summer.

Buy a new outfit

Buy a new outfit

After two summers of being kept socially distant, feel your best this summer with a brand new outfit. No matter what your budget is, go to the store and pick out something that you’ve been dying to wear. This is the summer of being back in the scene, and nothing says back in style like a wow outfit. That can mean an outfit to go out in, comfy sweats, a t-shirt you’ve always wanted, or a bathing suit to show off that summer body. Whatever it is, after two socially distant summers, you’ve earned it.

Get outdoors

Get outdoors
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Nature heals. That’s because being outdoors increases happiness by boosting our mood and decreasing stress. It’s quite literally the most natural way to feel your best without doing anything at all. This summer, get outdoors and reap the free rewards. You can look up hiking trails nearby, spend time on the water, or even just go for a walk wherever you are. The more rural you can escape, the better, but even an urban walk around the block several times a week can boost your overall mood. There’s nothing like a natural happiness enhancement to feel good.

Spritz something sweet

Sweet perfumes

Sweet perfumes feel like summertime. Their fragrance reminds us of the natural scents of summer.  Vanilla, patchouli, juniper berries, lavender, and rose, are all of the scents discovered in the warm air that instantly create a better mood. To feel your best this summer season, pick a perfume and spritz something sweet on yourself every time you go out—or stay in! Your friends and family will even compliment you for how beautiful you smell, but really you’re doing it just for yourself. Because when we feel pretty, we think pretty.

Take a trip

Take a trip
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It’s time to take that trip you’ve put off for far too long. Yes, that means taking a break from work. Put your email on vacation mode, tell your boss you’re finally taking time for yourself, and disconnect. To feel your best this summer take a break, a real one. Go on a trip to Europe, book that last-minute spa getaway you’ve meant to, and find an adventure. Whatever it is, when you disconnect and enjoy a trip you’ll return refreshed and feeling better than before.

Enjoy time with friends

Enjoy time with friends

There’s no time wasted when time is spent with friends. Call up your closest friends, those you haven’t seen in a while, or even make new ones and take the time to really connect again. A brunch is always a great option for those who live nearby. Or you can plan a trip together for those who have moved away. Even a day outdoors or shopping together can promote meaningful conversation. While it’s always a good idea to spend time with friends, it’s also helpful during times you feel a little low or lonely. Don’t be shy. Go ahead, make the call.

Volunteer your time

One of the best ways to feel your best this summer is to give back. Volunteering is an act of selflessness, and when we act altruistically, our sense of greater good comes into play. That’s when you’ll feel particularly stellar. You can search for a local charity online or even a non-profit that has the same interest as you. There are plenty of animal shelters, community activities, farms, kids’ programs, elderly care, veteran services, etc.— you name it— that welcome enthusiastic volunteer for the day. Plus, you’ll even have an opportunity to connect with new people and make new friends. Then, as the summer continues on, you’ll have others to volunteer with.

Have a spa day

A new outfit and fresh scent go great with a spa day to feel your best this summer. One trend on the rise is boutique spas with farm-to-table community meals. You can book a stay at a small boutique spa, many come with five to 10 rooms on property, and pamper yourself with their services. A massage, facial, sauna treatment, salt therapy—day spas come with all kinds of niche treatments that will make you feel like the best version of yourself in no time.

Add plants to your home

A simple but efficient way to feel your best this summer, even on the rainiest of days, is to fill your home with lots of green! Plants are known to increase oxygen in a room and promote healthy living. For those who live by themselves, plants also make us feel less alone. Their green leafiness promotes positive energy and brings nature into the home.

Do something different

Routine can become boring, and never veering outside of your comfort zone can feel mundane. This summer, feel your best dare to do something different. Try a new workout, dig into a new restaurant, or buy an outfit you never thought [but always wanted] you’d wear. You can even go a step further and face one of your fears (which can be exhilarating!). Dare to do something different and see how much better you feel once you’ve completed it.

Read often

Lose yourself in another world, another time, another dimension this summer, and read a really great book. One of the best ways for your mind to feel its best is to pick up a book and get lost. You can choose from a bestseller list, or a classic list, or pick someone you admire (past or present) and read about their journey. Sometimes to feel our best, we need to feel inspired.

Are you ready to feel your best this summer? Go ahead and try these 10 tips to unlock your best summer yet.

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