Finding reliable and quality videos on YouTube can be a treasure hunt. But fret not, for your search ends here. We know that it is constructive for those taking interior design courses to have accessible content they can relate to while pursuing their studies. While classes and programs in interior design are jam-packed with relevant knowledge and skills, nothing beats learning from experience. So, it is incredibly beneficial for students to learn from others from a more grounded point of view. Otherwise, just having people outside of school to look up to also motivates budding designers to do better. In this article, we narrowed down the options and made a list of the ten YouTube channels with informative, entertaining, and inspiring content for interior design students, so you don’t have to. 

Lessons and Student Life Vlogs

#1. Sandra Jessica Chavez (14.7k subscribers)

Sandra launched her self-titled YouTube channel in 2015, and it is only recently that her work is gaining more traction. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design and now runs her design firm. Sarah also speaks from more than ten years of experience in the interior design industry to share tips for aspiring design students, such as creating a portfolio and applying for an interior design school. Finally, she shares her insights on what it’s like to run her interior design firm on her channel. 

#2. Ula Burgiel (48.7k subscribers)

Ula Burgiel is a professional London-based interior designer with a Master of Arts Degree in Design. She creates informative videos that are great for anyone with a passion and interest in the field and advises viewers on what they need to know and where to start. 

Ula also built comprehensive interior design courses for aspiring designers, which are accessible through the description of her YouTube channel videos. 

#3. National Design Academy (1.03k subscribers)

Apart from being a prestigious university offering Interior Design Master’s Degree and other courses in the field of design, they also maintain social media libraries such as the NDA SkillsLab in their YouTube channel. This playlist showcase technical interior design tips and tricks, and motivational videos that encourage anyone watching to pursue their creative dreams.

D.I.Y. Design Tips and Trends

#4. Posh Pennies (261k subscribers)

After leaving her work in the film industry, Vivien Albrecht found a fulfilling career as she combined her background in the arts with her passion for upcycling furniture pieces to build her blog and YouTube channel. Through these platforms, she helps her audience with budget-friendly decorating ideas and shares how to achieve our home interior design pegs using affordable decor, or as she would call it, how to get “posh for pennies.” 

#5. Kristen McGowan (1.61M subscribers)

Kristen is an interior designer with a growing following owing to her engaging, high-quality content on interior design basics and home styling tips. Her organized YouTube playlists feature IKEA hauls and showroom walk-throughs, Do’s and Don’ts in interior design, Design Hacks, D.I.Y. Decor, Space Saving Ideas, and Room Makeovers!   

#6. Alexandra Gater (550k subscribers)

Alexandra can elevate any room into a functional space that is beautiful and stylish. In her collection of videos named ‘Studio Fix,’ Alexandra does amazing budget and rental-friendly transformations and D.I.Y. projects to transform any rental space into a home.   

#7. Living to D.I.Y. with Rachel Metz (621k subscribers)

In her various home renovations, room makeovers, and D.I.Y. projects, Rachel takes you through her relatable learning process (including the wins and the fails) to inspire you and help you figure out your future interior design projects. 

Exclusive and Inspirational Features

#8. Architectural Digest (5.81M subscribers)

You may have already seen Architectural Digest’s videos in your YouTube recommendations in the past, where celebrities give exclusive tours of their beautifully designed homes. 

The channel features the work of top architects and designers, as well as fascinating and inspiring content on architecture, art, real estate, culture, and travel destinations. 

#9. Never Too Small (2.28M subscribers)

If small-footprint living and sustainability is a field of interior design that interests you, Never Too Small videos will surely inspire you. The channel features award-winning designers and their innovative techniques in small square footage, proving that no space is too tiny for designers with creative imaginations. 

#10. The Commercial Project (3.96k subscribers)

Although relatively new to the YouTube community, The Commercial Project is a channel you should subscribe to. As a tie-in to another inspiring channel called the ‘Local Project,’ The Commercial Project is dedicated to telling the captivating narratives behind the designs of commercial and retail spaces (cafes, restaurants, apartments, apartments) while celebrating the works of established and emerging designers alike. Aside from these, the channel also delivers informative videos on interior design through its ‘How-to-Guide’ series.

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