A house is full of all kinds of different noises. Most of these are completely normal and there’s nothing to worry about. Creaking floorboards may be annoying, but they’re rarely a cause for concern. The fan sound from an oven might go on for longer than expected, but that’s entirely expected. 

Then, you have some noises that should worry you. In this post, we’ll explore four household sounds that demand immediate attention as they could point to a pretty big issue. 

Scratching in the walls

If you hear constant scratching in the walls or above your ceiling in the attic, it’s likely one thing. The chances are you have an unwanted visitor in the form of a household pest. Common pests include: 

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Birds 

When the scratches are accompanied by animal noises and nasty smells, you definitely have a problem. Act quickly and call your local pest control service to humanely rid yourself of this problem. Don’t let it linger as pests can chew through wiring or make nests and give birth to entire families!

Scratching in the walls
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A dripping faucet

The constant drip, drip, drip of a faucet may feel like a normal sound, but it’s a fairly big problem. It shows there’s a plumbing issue somewhere, and you need to get it sorted.

A leaky faucet wastes insane amounts of water every day, meaning your water bill can be much higher than expected. Fix the problem or call a plumber to replace the faucets completely. If you’re looking to make home improvements, a new faucet is a nice budget-friendly bathroom or kitchen renovation idea. 

Buzzing sounds from electrical outlets

Do you hear a faint buzzing sound when approaching electrical outlets or switches? Again, you may assume this is normal as there’s electricity flowing, so surely it makes a noise. In all honesty, this isn’t normal at all. Buzzing is one of the telltale signs of electrical emergencies and could point the finger at wiring faults. 

Any emergency involving electricity must be taken seriously. Stop using the outlets right away and call an electrician to come over and take a look. 

Whistling from your windows

Whistling windows are an indication of gaps within the window fittings. There are small holes or cracks somewhere, allowing tiny bits of air to flow through. You’ll notice this when there’s a gust of wind as the air passes through the gaps and makes a whistling sound. 

This is a problem because it means heat will escape from these cracks. Your house is not as thermally insulative as it should be, which will cause increased energy bills. Listen out for whistling sounds and check your windows. Hopefully, it’s just a case of replacing the seals. If not, you may need a full-scale window replacement. 

In many ways, these sounds show that your home is trying to tell you something. It knows there’s a problem, so it wants to alert you right away. Don’t ignore these noises if you hear them at home because the problems will only get worse. Act as soon as you can – you’ll be thankful in the future!

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