christmas light color combinations

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching! The festive season is coming up quickly and we can’t wait to decorate our home. Christmas decor makes your space a cozy haven during these dark and grey months. However, it can be difficult to know how to decorate your house and what style to go with as there are so many choices out there. You may want to stay simple and just put up a few decorations here and there. Or, you may have a completely different approach and have a whole other set of decor pieces that you like to swap to during the Christmas season. If this happens to be you, we recommend also remembering to change your photo frames to go with your Christmas decorations as this often goes overlooked! For example, oak photo frames can go with many of the classic festive colors.

What are the original Christmas colors?

The most traditional festive colors are normally red, white and green. Combining these core Christmas classics will make any space immediately feel cozy and festive. It’s been said that holidays have specific colors due to people being able to find meaning or memories in certain colors. It could also be for economic gain, as marketing and advertising companies can use these specific colors and immediately be able to sell something as being for Christmas. If you’re simply decorating your home in order to feel festive then red, white and green are some of the best colors to feature in your space.

What is the history behind the original Christmas colors?  

To put it simply, we associate Christmas with red and green because we always have. The tradition has been passed down through generations. However, these traditional festive colors can be traced back through the centuries to the ancient Celtics. Hundreds of years ago, Celtics regarded red and green colored holly as being called evergreen and it was believed that this plant kept the world beautiful and bright during the harsh winter times. These bright plants were also used as symbols of prosperity and protection during winter celebrations. Following on from this, it was said that red and green were commonly combined to be used in religious screens. Then finally, Coca-Cola really set in stone that red and green were the Christmas colors in the early 1900s.

What are some other colors that should be featured in your home for the festive season?

A timeless combination for that nostalgic feel would be red and gold featured in your home. Red is a classic as we’ve previously mentioned, and stands out against the green of your tree. Gold adds a little bit of elegance and glamour, making your Christmas decorations feel a little bit more luxurious. This is also an iconic Christmas combination, so if you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your rooms then we’d definitely recommend featuring these colors in your home.

Trending Christmas colors for 2023

Well, as sustainability becomes increasingly important in society, recyclable Christmas decorations are in. However, aside from this, the trending colors for Christmas 2023 are metallic gold and silver. This isn’t surprising as metallic colors have been making a definite comeback in the fashion world recently, so the eventual overlap into interior design and Christmas decorations was bound to happen! Also, metallic gold and silver brighten up the dull weather and dark nights we’re blessed with during the festive period. So, we’d definitely advise you to try these out in your home.

Green & Brown Hues For A Natural Christmas

This follows on from our mention of sustainability, the use of green and brown shades when decorating your home this season could be a nice touch. Natural and minimalist hues have been trending for a while, it’s suitable that these would be used throughout your Christmas decor. Using natural wood decorations or even oak photo frames could bring the outside indoors. This can also make your space feel more homely and cozy, especially if you use darker shades. Overall, there is a whole range of colors you can feature in your home for the festive season this year. The most important thing is that you like your decor! We’d strongly recommend trying out some of the colors we’ve mentioned as this could mix up your festive decorations.

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