Living rooms are important, because they are for just that – living. But with no specific purpose they can sometimes be difficult to decorate. But, living rooms let you express your creativity. You can make a room that really shows your style. So don’t be boring. If your living room looks bland, try upping the ante. Give it a more “decorated” look. Consider these 5 areas in particular.

Key Takeaways:

VignettesCreate eye-catching displays on every surface
Wall ArtHang interesting and unique pieces
FloorsMake a bold statement with rugs, hardwood, or painted designs
LightingIncorporate decorative elements in various shapes, sizes, and styles
FurnitureArrange to create inviting conversation areas

1. Create Stylish Vignettes on Every Surface

Create Stylish Vignettes on Every Surface

One big difference between average rooms and great rooms is decorative vignettes. This means that every surface should be styled well. It could be a console table, bookshelf, mantel, or any other surface.

Don’t just throw any old items on them, think about color, composition and style. For tips on how to style a number of surfaces check out the following articles. They’ll help your room go from plain to Pinterest-worthy.

2. Hang Interesting and Unique Wall Art

Hang Interesting and Unique Wall Art

Art is subjective. But, to style your living room, hang something interesting on the walls. It could be a single unique piece of art. Or, the uniqueness could come from interesting groupings or frames. Just remember, what you put on the walls has a huge effect on the overall look of the space so do not ignore them.

3. Make a Bold Statement with Your Floors

Make a Bold Statement with Your Floors

If you really want to add ‘wow’ to your living room aim low. What you put on the floor will help determine the style of the whole space so have a little fun with it. Rugs come in every color and pattern. See what’s out there and don’t be afraid to try something wild.

If you are getting new hardwood floors, consider an interesting style. For example, chevron or herringbone. Doors painted with stencils are something you’re considering. Check out some of the amazing stencils available.

4. Incorporate Decorative Lighting Elements

Incorporate Decorative Lighting Elements

Never ignore the importance of lighting as a decorative tool. Lighting is important for practical reasons. But, it also comes in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

This means it serves as a decoration. Look for unique materials and interesting, sculptural shapes. And don’t forget about lampshades. You do not need to use the shade the lamps came with. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and try something different.

5. Arrange Furniture to Create Inviting Conversation Areas

Arrange Furniture to Create Inviting Conversation Areas

Conversation areas are very important in living rooms. It’s the most popular room for entertaining. You want to make it easy for people to sit and relax.

They should not strain their necks while talking. When arranging furniture, the sofas and chairs should face each other. They need to be close, but not straight on.

They should be close enough for a natural conversation. You should be able to talk to the person across from you without raising your voice. If your living room is very large, it can be tricky. Be sure to make a few conversation areas.

Final Thoughts

You can make your living room great by focusing on five key areas. They are: creating eye-catching vignettes. They hang unique wall art.

They make a bold statement with your floors. They add decorative lights. And they arrange furniture for conversation.

By thinking about each of these and adding your style, you can raise your living room’s decor. You can make a space that is both beautiful and welcoming to all who enter. Embrace your creativity.

Don’t fear to experiment with things like color, texture, and pattern. Use them to craft a living room that truly reflects you.

With planning and risk-taking, you can turn your living room into a beautiful haven. It will be inviting too. You’ll be proud to call it your own.

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