The longer you’ve lived in your home, the more likely your tastes and aesthetics have changed over the years. Those features you once had to have might feel outdated or too traditional for your current tastes. Our homes are a reflection and extension of our personalities, so it’s okay to want to upgrade your space.

Modernizing your home can mean whatever you want it to mean — whether you’re looking for simple upgrades or complete overhauls. To help you get started, these five techniques and features can help transform your spaces and put you on the right track to the modern home of your dreams.

Create Space with Glass

In many contemporary home designs, glass is one of the key features used throughout the home. Its see-through qualities offer a modern element and can be used in various areas of the home — whether that means replacing a wooden or iron staircase with glass panels or your bathroom shower curtain with a glass door.

Removing Carpet

Carpet has its own benefits in a home, but many homeowners are opting for changing their carpeted rooms and replacing them with sleek hardwood or vinyl flooring. This type of flooring not only adds a modern touch, but it’s often easier to clean and maintain. You can even choose the color of hardwood to reflect the aesthetic of your home, whether you prefer a gray vinyl floor or a lighter, sunnier hardwood.

New Windows and Doors

Sometimes, the simplest and most effective way to rejuvenate a space is to upgrade the features that often get overlooked — specifically, your windows and doors. These features are an important part of your home’s overall look and feel and can help transform a space with modern styles and materials. At Golden Windows, their customers are gravitating towards bold black frames for their industrial-style homes and minimalist oak frames for lighter and brighter spaces.

Window and door installations are a simple project that can be carried out on a shorter timeline, though they should always be executed by professional installers — ensuring everything is fitted into place, and your home is secure.

Credit: Curtis Adams via Pexels

New Coats of Paint

Sometimes, all you need to modernize your home is to give it a cosmetic makeover — and that starts with a fresh coat of paint. This simple solution allows you to change the personality of a space with minimal time and costs.

If your home was previously neutral-based, consider adding an accent wall with a bold color. Or, painting the walls white can give you more flexibility with the decor that you’re able to hang on your wall.

Create an Open Concept

Changing the entire floor plan of your home is one of the biggest projects you can undertake in your home. However, most buyers and current homeowners are looking for that open-concept space so that they can still interact with their guests while they entertain.

Consider consulting with a contractor to see if opening up your space and taking down cumbersome walls in your home is a possibility. Adding area rugs and decor features can create separation so that the spaces feel cohesive but still individualized.

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