Are you looking to create your dream bathroom?

From enhancing your facilities to switching up your style, there are several ways to elevate your bathroom design – whether you’ve got cash to splash or are renovating on a budget.

Those with a compact bathroom will be surprised by how easy it is to achieve opulence on a small scale. A larger space gives you even more opportunity to experiment with colour, pattern, and statement pieces to make your own in-house oasis.

You might already have your dream bathroom planned out in your mind, down to the last decoration. However, If you are looking for interior design inspiration, you may find it beneficial to visit a bathroom showroom near you where you can browse trending styles and speak to advisors.

Whatever your personal preferences, these top tips will help you to elevate your bathroom design.

Upgrade your basic facilities

The easiest way to give your bathroom a luxury lift is to upgrade your basic facilities.

For example, traditional shower cubicles can be exchanged for a more fashionable wet room. Old-fashioned wash basins can be replaced with indulgent his & hers sinks.

If space is limited, simply enhance what you have, focusing on style but also functionality. A new head can revolutionise your shower experience.

Establish separate zones

Room to play with? Give your bathroom the feel of a five-star hotel by establishing separate zones. You can create space between the shower and bath with an in-built dressing table with large mirror or by adding a seating area underneath a window.

Any statement pieces such as a freestanding bath should be placed in the centre or at the back of the room for maximum effect.

Enhance the room lighting

One of the top tips from interior designers is to use light to make the most of the space you have.

One of the most recent bathroom lighting trends is to experiment with different types of lights for the shower. This could be classic spotlights or spectacular chandelier, or colourful LED lights that create a particular mood.

You can also experiment with lighting around your mirror: bulky bulbs are perfect for a Hollywood dressing room vibe. Soft lighting above the bath is a great addition for anyone who values a calming soak.

Use luxurious materials

If you have the budget, using luxurious materials is guaranteed to elevate your bathroom design.

Marble is a favourite choice because of its reflective polish and dramatic natural patterns. You can create countertops in marble as a bold feature, with a contrasting marble on the walls for a truly opulent look.

Try to avoid cheaper materials such as laminated flooring in favour of ceramic tiles which are just as functional but look and feel more inviting.

Focus on one style

Finally, having a cohesive design is a vital factor in elevating your bathroom.

Rooms with a considered style will always look more elegant and polished, whether this means sticking to a monochrome bathroom colour scheme or focusing on one era or design such as vintage or minimalist.

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