A home is always one of our favorite places, whether bought or rented. It is where we feel comfortable and safe. That is why we put our heart and soul into decorating our home. It reflects who we are and what our preferences are. You can decorate your home any way you like; however, here are some tips and tricks to turn four walls into a loving home.

According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 44.1 million households in America are renters. Decorating a rented house becomes a bit trickier as there can be certain restrictions from your landlord. The budget also plays a significant role. If you are living in a shared room then splitting the budget with your roommate can help you reduce your overall spendings without compromising on the necessary things. This article lists different ways to decorate your rented house without burning your pocket. So, you don’t have to compromise if the budget is small.

Tips to Decorate Rented Home on a Low Budget

Do talk with your landlord and learn about any restrictions you may have when looking for a house for rent. Then, follow these tips and start decorating your place!

  1. Buy Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture is an important addition to any home. Buying furniture serving multiple purposes will be a better way to save money. A great idea here is to buy furniture with storage space. For example, buy one with a storage headboard or drawers instead of buying a basic bed. Choose a sofa cum bed over a standard seating arrangement. You can use it for sleeping if you need it or when hosting guests. More importantly, do not buy furniture that will sit ideally in your space. Make sure to invest in something that will be useful. 

  1. Opt for Rugs to Upgrade the Flooring

Upgrading flooring in a rented house can be a hectic and expensive job. The landlord may not permit you; even if you get permission, it will require much time and effort. The more convenient and affordable alternatives are rugs. You will find rugs of different sizes, designs, and colors in the market. Buy different types of rugs for the visible portions of the floor. You can experiment with different options that will blend well with the rest of your house or something that will stand out and create a statement. You can simply roll up the rug and take it when moving. 

  1. Get Wallpapers

A variety of easy-to-stick wallpapers are available at a wide range of prices. Buying wallpapers from the market and simply posting them to the wall will require less time, effort, and money than picking up the color, painting your walls, and waiting for it to dry. Make sure to buy wallpapers that are easy to remove so that you don’t cause any damage to the wall. 

  1. Include Sufficient Lighting

A house for rent may come with basic lighting; even then, you may have to spend a few dollars on the lights. Tenants are often not allowed to insert lights into the walls or ceilings. However, you can buy table or floor lamps. You can find some vintage pieces or sleek designs to complement your overall theme. 

  1. Add Greenery

Plants are a nice touch. Their presence can quickly elevate any room, making it more inviting. You can buy both flower and non-flowering plants and place them here and there in your home. Flower plants are a great way to add hints of colors in a minimalistic home. Ensure to get some beautiful pots for your plants. Many like to add flowers beautifully decorated on a stunning vase to add colors and warmth to their house. Buying a flower plant is a less expensive way to get the same results. 

  1. Check Out Curtains

Curtains can help to bring a room together. Bright curtains will lighten up any room. Plus, the space will look more well-put with the curtains. Avoid white as they get dirty easily, and you have to get them washed or replaced sooner. 

  1. Try DIY

Doing it yourself is an inexpensive, adorably personal, and highly suggested option for low-budget decorations. Instead of buying curtains, you can make them yourself using an old fabric in your house. You can make planters using an old container or jar. If you like painting, arts, or crafts, incorporate them in your decorations to add another personal touch.

  1. Be Mindful about Art Pieces

Statement art pieces can be pricey. However, you can add beautiful art pieces on a low budget! Take a minimalist approach if your eyes are set on a particular piece with a high price tag. Instead of buying three pieces for a wall, buy one using the same budget and use it as a statement. Buying art pieces is a continuous process. You generally see something somewhere and bring it home. So, don’t buy multiple art pieces in one go; rather, pick one once in a while as you like.


Shifting to a new place after vacating your current home can be worrisome. However, just because you are searching for a house for rent on a temporary basis and you will have to move out after some time, do not hesitate to decorate your space. You have to move all your stuff. Therefore, when you decorate your place, select moveable objects to take to the new place. It will save you money in the long run. Moreover, you can easily decorate the new place using the same objects and feel right at home.

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