Owning a backyard may not seem as much, but believe us – in the right hands, this small parcel of land can make all the difference in the world. Just try thinking how many people are actually able to rock the hammock, fire up a barbecue with friends, or install an outdoor cinema. Well, very few city dwellers, that’s for sure.

So, having a backyard can be seen as a true blessing.

Why not, then, go all the way with it and bring up the lot you own to its optimal potential? Yes, backyards are great, but with only a couple of handpicked touches, they can be turned into genuine lush oases where you’ll like spending most of your free time.

Let us take a look at a couple of projects that will turn your yard into your own private paradise.

Put more effort into lawn maintenance

To put it simply, poorly maintained lawns are unsightly. You can’t turn your yard into an oasis or spend time there if the grass is overgrown, patchy, and dried up. So, from this point on, make lawn maintenance one of your top priorities. Be sure to regularly mow, water, and fertilise the ground and replant the areas that feel sickly or worn out, Also, be quick to remove any weeds that are popping up since they affect the health of your plants. The combination of devoted pruning and bleach will do the job. Finally, install a couple of sprinklers and you will completely turn your old lawn around.

Populate the yard with the right plants

Populate the yard with the right plants
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You need to put that ‘lush’ part into a lush oasis, right? Well, fortunately, the selection of plants and weeds that are suitable for your backyard is more than extensive and you only need to choose what works for your specific backyard. What factors should you take into account? First, the type of soil. Second, the local climate and the sunlight you are getting throughout the year. Finally, the plants should be suitably sized, easy to maintain, and, preferably, insect-repellent. Pay attention to these simple requirements you will be able to choose the plants that will turn your yard into a genuine healing resort.

Make the soil more fertile

So, you have populated the yard with greenery. Now, it’s time to ensure all these plants will be able to thrive over an extended period of time. You will, of course, do that by making the soil more fertile. The two most traditional ways at your disposal come in the form of mulch and compost. Mulch presents shredded materials like wood, chips, straws, and paper. It is spread around the plants, on top of the soil to protect it from extreme temperatures. As for the compost, this compound presents organic matter added to the soil to improve its fertility. Use both these things at your own discretion.

Assemble your own toolkit

Having a dreamy oasis requires a lot of work. This can’t be pulled off without proper tools always at hand. Be sure, then, to assemble your toolkit as soon as possible. Start with essentials like garden gloves, spades, secateurs, shovels, garden scissors, and garden forks. Good hose and irrigation setup should be on your radar as well. Of course, we can’t complete this list without quality automatic OTF knives that can tackle a whole slew of purposes from simple pruning and drilling holes to tightening loose screws and grafting. Whatever you do, be sure to have one of these blades in your pocket.

Think about outdoor structures

The whole point of overhauling your backyard is to turn it into a place where you like spending your free time. That means, you will need to install a couple of simple structures that will throw shade and give you shelter against elements. We are talking about gazebos, pergolas, patios, and other traditional outdoor setups. The good news is that all of them are well within your DIY reach so you can pull off the said projects without extensive investments. But, be sure to include these setups into your budget and layout plans early on to avoid compromising or readapting your pending plans.

Split the outdoor area into separate sections

Split the outdoor area into separate sections
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Why would you do that? Well, splitting up your backyard into different dedicated areas makes it easier to organize and more dynamic. If you are going to build a playground or some other kids’ hub, dividing the space into separate zones will also discourage your kids from venturing out into some other, potentially dangerous areas (e.g., your outdoor workshop). As for how to pull this off, you can use a whole variety of outdoor resources from small fences to natural obstacles like flowers, shrubs, and hedges. Even small visual cues like different-colored tiles can go a long way in helping you out.

Incorporate water features

Throughout this article, we use the words like oasis and paradise quite a few times. At the very end, we would like to remind you that neither of these words can be imagined without the gentle sound of running water. So, while you are still in the early stages of planning, be sure to grace your backyard with a small fountain, pond, or some other water feature. This simple move will instantly elevate the look of the environment and the sound of running water will make the atmosphere more serene. Surrounding the fixtures with a couple of birdhouses will turn this small area into a genuine backyard Garden of Eden.

So, there you have it – the seven tips that should help you give your backyard a welcome overhaul and turn into a lush green paradise where you and your family will get the opportunity to make countless new memories. Of course, you should take these examples only as a starting point and we more than encourage you to keep building upon them with ideas of your own. But, everyone needs some place to start and we are sure the things we have covered above will nudge you in the right direction.

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