Many of us have cramped bathrooms. Sometimes. it’s almost as if the architects added them as an afterthought. Once you install the bath, there’s no room to move!

Fortunately, clever designers are coming up with all sorts of ideas for how to reimagine these spaces to make them less stressful and more Zen. Years of experience are teaching us how to turn small spaces into something incredible. 

This post runs through some of the space-saving techniques you can use to reduce the clutter in your bathroom while introducing some Zen concepts to make it more serene. If you implement all the strategies below in your next reno, you’ll hardly recognize the room once you’re done. 

Add Some Mindful Details

The mindful details you choose are entirely up to you and could include things like candles and oil diffusers. However, make sure they are prominent. The more they are a focal point of the room, the bigger the effect will be. 

These details shouldn’t feel like they add clutter to the room. Instead, you want them to add character – something that careful placement can help you achieve. If you need to copy a magazine to get the detailing and proportions right, do so. 

Add Floating Features

You can also turn your bathroom into a Zen zone by using more floating features. Essentially, this means mounting more stuff to the walls. 

Imagine a standard boxy vanity in your bathroom. It might provide plenty of storage, but it might also make the room feel crowded. Now think about how your bathroom would look if the mirrors, sinks, and toilets were all wall-mounted. Chances are, you’d feel like you have a lot more space, even if you have no room right now. 

Add Folding Elements

You can double the space-saving in your bathroom by adding more folding elements, too. A sliding entrance door can instantly make the room feel more spacious if you live in an apartment. You can also opt for folding shower doors and storage options that stow away neatly when you finish using them. 

Place Mirrors On The Wall

Place Mirrors On The Wall
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While it might sound obvious, placing mirrors on the wall (instead of using freestanding vanity options) also frees up space in the bathroom. You can put reflective surfaces wherever you want without compromising your ability to move around in the room, regardless of the size of the reflective surface you want to install. 

Declutter Everything

Another way to make your bathroom more Zen is to declutter everything. Being ruthless about what you keep and what you dump helps to make the space more minimalist and welcoming – which is perfect for anyone wanting to go Zen. 

If you’re struggling to get rid of stuff, ask whether it is adding anything to your life by having it. While placing trinkets around the home on every window sill and shelf can feel comforting, it might also make the room feel messy and generate stress. 

If you want a low-profile shelving solution for your bathroom, consider a wooden lean-to. These are attractive, take up a small amount of space, and provide plenty of room to place all your bathroom items and toiletries. 

Use More Built-In Storage

If space allows, you might also want to add more built-in storage to your bathroom. Fitting units to the walls can help the room feel more organized. It is also a good way to store the items you need close by without creating an eyesore. 

Built-in storage requires you to have the right budget. That’s because doing it bespoke is expensive. Furthermore, you need to keep a close eye on the materials you use. Getting your selection wrong can mean expensive repairs or replacements in the future. However, once you take the plunge, it helps to organize the space. You feel you have more room to operate instead of dancing between the shower mat, bathtub, and radiator. 

Add Attractive Wall Designs

Adding natural but attractive wall designs is another excellent way to make your bathroom more Zen. Many homeowners use peel and stick wallpaper for bathroom walls because of the aesthetics it offers and how it can withstand moisture. Designs let you create color and contrast in the room, making it different from the rest of the home. 

Adding nature-inspired artwork and frames can also help to make the bathroom experience feel more like a spa or oasis. Images of tropical paradises or serene temples can inspire spiritual awakening – at least while you’re in the room!

Include Soothing Greenery

You might also want to consider adding more soothing greenery to your bathroom. This won’t make it less cluttered, but it will help create a more mindful and tranquil zone in your home for you to enjoy. 

When choosing greenery for the bathroom, pick species that can thrive in low-light and humid environments, like orchids. Also, consider adding herbal species that will produce beautiful scents for the room, giving it a character of its own. 

You might also want to consider adding vines as a decorative element for ledges and window sills. These can create a calming presence, a bit like fairy lights. 

Change The Layout

If you’re still struggling for space after all that, changing your bathroom’s layout might be necessary. This involves changing the position of some of the items in the room or getting rid of them altogether. 

One of the best strategies is to move large items, like the toilet or shower, into the corner. This can help free up the dead space that often accumulates beside these installations. 

Another option is to remove the bathtub and replace it with a luxurious shower. While you might not be able to soak, you can still enjoy more space upstanding. 


Adding space and making your bathroom more Zen is sometimes a lengthy project. But, as you can probably guess, the results are often worth it. Always ensure you talk to a professional who can optimize the layout and set a budget for the project. Be prepared to spend a couple of months working on your bathroom until you get it right.

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