Window fitting is of vital importance in creating comfort in the home and improving energy efficiency, while preventing drafts and moisture entry.

Clean window frames, sills, and tracks regularly using a microfiber cloth or soft brush in order to avoid scratching glass windows.

Lubricating tracks and hinges is key to keeping them from sticking together, but make sure that a silicone-based lubricant, not standard WD-40 is used as this will give the best results.

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1. Clean the Windows Regularly

No matter if your windows are single- or multi-pane, they should be regularly washed to keep dust at bay and fine grit from cement, cutting blades, and roofing material from sticking onto their glass surfaces.

Make use of a cleaning solution containing liquid soap and water or an all-purpose vinegar solution to effectively wash windows, while Weingard suggests starting by wiping down frames and sills using a damp cloth (preferably one which absorbs moisture without leaving streaks) prior to moving on to paned windows. A handheld sponge or hog-bristle brush are both great tools for this job; handheld sponges work especially well for multipane windows. Weingard suggests beginning by wiping down frames and sills using damp cloth (or using an absorbent rag so moisture doesn’t leave streaks). Weingard advises starting by wiping down frames/sills using damp cloth so streaks won’t form while wiping down frames/sills using damp cloth (so that moisture doesn’t leave streaks).

Apply a cleaner or vinegar solution directly onto the glass surface, wipe it off using a squeegee, and finish up by polishing with dry chamois to avoid streaks. It is wise to clean out your rubber blade after each pass as well.

2. Check the Seals

Window seals are an integral component of your home’s insulation system, yet they may become damaged over time due to extreme temperatures, moisture build-up, wind or UV rays. Window seals that fail can result in drafts, higher energy costs and uncomfortable living spaces – creating drafty conditions in your living spaces and high energy bills for you and your family.

Checking window seals regularly for any signs of malfunction is key to maintaining optimal window function and repair or replacement services. A simple test, such as pressing damp hands against the windowpane, will reveal whether your windows possess working seals.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your insulated windows in the home, consider adding additional glazing or coating options, caulk sealant or weatherstripping seal protection, caulk or weatherstripping caulking for increased sealing protection, caulk or weatherstripping caulk and weatherstripping sealant as additional sealing protection and caulk for additional savings all year long in keeping you and your home comfortable all year. Doing this will save money and keep the climate controlled environment comfortable all year round.

3. Re-Caulk the Frames

Maintaining caulking around windows and window casings in good condition is an effective way to block drafts, moisture and insects from entering your home and creates an enhanced finished look for both inside and outside frames. Peeled or cracked caulking could become ineffective over time and result in costly damages over time.

Recaulking is a straightforward task that can be completed at any time of year, though for optimal results it is best to wait until cooler weather so the caulk has time to cure before opening windows again. A caulking gun armed with the appropriate type of caulk (speak to an employee at your local hardware store for advice), a putty knife, paper towels or rags for cleanup after you finish applying caulk are essential tools when recaulking.

4. Lubricate the Tracks

An attractive window that is well maintained not only looks good but can also increase energy efficiency and resale value of your home. One way to make sure it functions efficiently is to regularly lubricate its tracks if you have double-hung or casement windows.

Start by clearing away dust and debris from the track area using either a vacuum brush attachment or soft cloth. Next, apply non-detergent lubricant on a clean cloth to wipe the tracks, jamb liner and frame; avoid oil products such as WD-40 which attract dust.

Carefully apply silicone spray onto a clean cloth and wipe down the external hinge guide rail and locking mechanism of an external hinge, paying special attention not to get any in unintended areas as this may damage wood or vinyl surfaces.

5. Check the Locks

As part of your window cleaning routine, check on the hardware that enables your windows to open and lock securely. A properly functioning lock can help keep burglars at bay as well as save on energy costs.

If your window does not lock securely, the problem could be that its latch isn’t making contact with its keeper properly. To remedy this issue, unscrew each set screw of the keeper and adjust so it is aligned with the latch.

Regularly inspecting the sash, casing and seals on premium replacement windows can prevent issues like wood rot as well as save on energy costs and moisture intrusion. By following these tips you can extend their lifespan while increasing curb appeal of your home. Dealing with Ottawa windows contractor is a good idea for premium replacement windows. Don’t forget to check the locks as part of your window cleaning and inspection routine.

If after following these tips the windows still aren’t functioning properly, don’t hesitate to hire an Ottawa windows contractor. Finding the right one can be daunting, but with the right resources and a great team of professionals, you can ensure the most pleasant experience dealing with Ottawa windows contractor.

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