Tips for an Eco-Friendly, Summer Home
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Summer is heating up, but that doesn’t mean you should heat the planet up by going against all eco-friendly guidelines; summer comes with heat that can crank anyone to blast the air conditioning system to the max, but you can stay cool with some eco-friendly tips.

Summer is around the corner, even though most will be busy with work. There are some eco-friendly tips we can make use of to make this summer a memorable one; remember the last one where your electricity bill surged up because you couldn’t withstand the heat? Well! Summer eco-friendly tips are here to make this worth your time.

Tips For Eco-friendly Summer Home

Tips For Eco-friendly Summer Home

Home Remodelling

Summer is a perfect time for you to consider remodeling your home to give space for ventilation. You might want to consider hiring home builders since they are professionals at this, and they know the perfect design for your landmass. Home builders are conversant with durable eco-friendly materials to spice things up in your home.

Home remodeling, like rearranging furniture and the addition of gadgets in your home, can give space for proper air circulation, so you might want to reduce air conditioner usage.

Purify The Atmosphere

The natural air purifier always does an excellent job of keeping your home cool and fresh. Plants release pure oxygen in the atmosphere to cleanse the air by utilizing the carbon dioxide we exhale into the atmosphere.

It would be best to opt for native plants that can survive the environmental factors using temperature and humidity as a standard. When you opt for a foreign, it might be a xerophyte plant that doesn’t need much water, and your area has a level of humidity; such a plant will not survive.

Also, if you opt for hydrophyte or mesophyte plants that require large amounts of water for their growth in your environment with low humidity and high temperature, such plants will die off. Growing plants indoors can be challenging as they need sunlight for growth. To enable this, you can place the plant near your window for the sun’s rays or get a grow light to aid their growth.

Embrace Greens

Summer is a great time to grow your garden and enjoy organic foods; it’s better for your health. Plant-based foods are free of unhealthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) that can increase your level of good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) and reduce the level of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein).

Animal-based foods are necessary as well but should be taken with caution. Diaries contain saturated fats and trans fat that are considered unhealthy if taken regularly. You should consider a balanced diet of plant and animal-based food to enrich your body.

Additionally, take a lot of fruits as they contain high amounts of fiber which aids digestion and serves as nutrients for the beneficial microbes in the guts.

Walk Or Cycle More

The number of vehicles produced worldwide keeps increasing daily even though some companies are going electric, as we’ve seen with Tesla and Nio. The amount of carbon monoxide these vehicles produce contributes largely to the carbon footprint, which is harmful to humans and animals.

To play a role in saving a life during summer, use your car only when you are left with no choice or use a motorized bike and walk if it is a short distance. Walking and cycling are wonderful exercises to do regularly; it helps you reduce the rate of heart diseases, help you control your weight, and improves your mental health.

Ditch Plastics  

According to National Geographic, plastic production increased from 2.3m tons to over 400m tons in 2015; this shows how much plastics we have around us and in the water bodies, causing severe damage to animals and even humans.

Instead of littering the environment with plastic, locate the nearest recycle bin and dispose of it there. Also, you can opt to get a water flask or washable cup to drink water.

When shopping at the grocery stores, you can opt for paper bags and educate the store owners and workers about the damage plastic is causing to the environment.


Summer is that time of year when everyone prepares for the harsh weather; we put the air-conditioning system on full blast and use fans to supplement the intensity of the breeze. It’s that serious in some parts of the world.

Of course, putting on your fans and the air-conditioning system gives a toll on your electricity bills and the environment in general, which is why you need eco-friendly tips for your summer.

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