Moving into a new home can be exciting yet challenging. Since you’re up for a fresh start, there are so many projects and tasks you may want to do. One of these tasks is organizing and decluttering. 

Organizing your new home is necessary for your comfort and peace of mind. It should be the first thing on your checklist since a disorganized space may cause stress and loss of concentration. However, it’s tricky to specify where to start. 

To help you out, here are six tips and advice to organize your new home after moving in. 

  1. Remove Broken Furniture And Appliances 

Unless you’re moving into a newly-built home, there may be furniture, appliances, and miscellaneous items left by the past occupants. Most of these can be repaired or repurposed. However, some just need to be thrown away. 

Do close inspections in all the rooms and storage spaces inside the home. Then, take out all the items you get. Some of the easy options for disposal are calling a same-day rubbish removal service. This way is efficient for disposing of large items like furniture and appliances, and you won’t have to leave them on the curbside, making your common neighborhood space look dirty. 

Removing all the items left in your new house frees up valuable space and helps maximize the floor area. Doing so will give you a fresh and clean place to work with. 

  1. Segregate Items You No Longer Use 

After taking care of the rubbish, you can now proceed with your belongings. Sometimes, it may be inevitable to bring all your stuff from your old home for various reasons. Moving to a new place gives you another opportunity to cut down on unused and unnecessary belongings to just essentials and frequently used ones. Remember, hoarding is the primary source of clutter.

Organizing starts with segregating items properly.  You’ll have a clutter-free home if you know which things to keep and which ones to let go of.  

When segregating items, start with the essentials. This can be your kitchenware or wardrobe. Whichever of the two you want to start working on, you have to group the items into three categories: things you use regularly, those you use now and then or on special occasions, and those you don’t even remember having. 

Upon categorizing the items, you’ll see how much you’ve been hoarding. You can decide to throw away or donate the things that no longer give you joy, Marie Kondo style. Some organizing experts would even recommend getting rid of items you haven’t used and are not planning to use in the next twelve months.

how to organize packing for a move
  1. Put Similar Items Together 

Another practical tip for minimizing clutter is to put similar items together. You can group them by function and color. This hack allows you to see if you have two or three similar items. In this case, you can easily decide which ones to store. 

Grouping similar items works perfectly for organizing your wardrobe. You may not notice you’re getting the same clothing pieces. This tip also works for knowing which clothes no longer fit you. 

When all your stuff is already grouped the way you prefer, it’s easier to know where to keep them. This way, you no longer have to spend hours just to find your favorite shirt or your most treasured grandma’s cooking pot. 

  1. Try Downsizing 

If you’re still not content with segregating and purging, you might try downsizing. Going for a minimalist lifestyle is one of the efficient ways to keep things organized: fewer items, less clutter. 

Downsizing is an option for some. However, it is imperative for those who have just moved into a smaller home. When you have less floor area to work on, you have to let go of some bulky items that may take up too much space. 

Moreover, downsizing is an essential step to having enough storage. It’s easier to find a place for each item. 

  1. Add Proper And Accessible Storage 

If there isn’t enough storage space in your new house, you may have to build a new one. Built-in storage is one of the smartest solutions for an organized and well-kept home. 

One of the untold secrets of ‘minimalist’ homes is enough concealed storage. Hiding things away can make your home look neat and sleek. Sometimes, you don’t even have to throw or give away much of your belongings. You just have to create a proper place for them. 

Install built-in storage in easy-to-reach, accessible areas to make it more convenient. Keeping things where they’re often used saves you time. 

  1. Work One Space At A Time 

Organizing a new home is an arduous task. Depending on how much stuff you have and how big your new house is, it may take days or weeks. If you’re busy and juggle many things at once, it’s even more challenging to find time to tidy up each room. 

When working on your ultimate decluttering challenge, remember to take breaks, especially if you’re doing it alone. Create a checklist and set a schedule for each area to avoid fatigue. Taking it slow is better than not doing it at all. 

Furthermore, taking on tasks one step at a time can be therapeutic. It can help you regain focus and give you a sense of control. Cleaning and organizing can be a form of meditation and practising mindfulness. 


Organizing your new home doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. With these practical tips, you can create a clean and clutter-free space every homeowner dreams of.

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