Things to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are not cheap, with the average cost sitting around $20k. When you’re spending that kind of money, you need to ensure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s. 

Just consider this stat: 10% of homeowners completely regret how they’ve gone about their remodel. Ouch. To avoid your bathroom remodel becoming a family sob story, keep the following elements in mind. 

How Will You Configure Your Bath/Shower? 

Your entire bathroom remodel will undoubtedly hinge on your bath and shower configuration. Will you go for a freestanding bath and a separate shower? Or how about a shower/tub combination? 

Here’s our preference: the walk-in shower. It can give you a spacious and comfortable space, even when you’re living in what feels like an urban miniature environment. Not having doors not only feels airier, but it’s also a great practical solution. No issues with mold! 

Hot tip: don’t skimp on the shower head. Buying a cheap model can completely ruin the spa experience you’re looking for. There are several factors that come into play when picking the right showerhead, but just make sure you don’t go to the bottom shelf. 

Calculate a Budget, Add 20%

When you remodel your bathroom, you need a budget. Spend proper time putting this together, it’s not an afterthought, nor is it something you can just whip up.

The last thing you want is to have to stop your remodeling project halfway through because you’re running out of funds. Even the most careful plans go awry. For bathroom remodels, most homeowners will go at least 10% over budget. Many go far over their original estimates.

What you want to do is add a buffer that gives you peace of mind. If anything changes or if you find additional materials and labor is needed, you can easily dip into these extra funds. We recommend adding around 20%, which should give you plenty of breathing room.

Do Not Overestimate Your DIY Skills 

Research has shown that we just aren’t good at evaluating our own skills. We tend to think we’re far better than we actually are. It’s just not easy to know ourselves. 

You’ve probably already seen this play out when it comes to DIY. The classic dad promises to fix the broken television, only to cause a flood in the basement, somehow. 

You want to be careful not to overestimate your DIY skills. It can be an expensive mistake. Doing the plumbing may seem easy based on that YouTube video you’ve watched, but it’s far more complicated than it looks. Be realistic about what you can do yourself and what needs to be given to a professional.

Think About Condensation

Bathrooms are tricky compared to your average room in the house. You need plumbing, electrics take on a whole new level of complexity, and the level of condensation can really become a problem if you don’t consider it. The latter tends to be a problem for a lot of people. 

To prevent mold and condensation from damaging your bathroom experience, do the following: 

  • Extractor fan. The basic one you need to ensure you have. Extractor fans solve the problem of lack of airflow, and the fact that the alternative, opening the window, lets all the cold air in! 
  • Demistable mirrors. This inexpensive upgrade can really make a difference in your bathroom. Gone are the (annoying!) days of having to constantly wipe your mirror in order to get ready. 
  • Waterproof panels. These panels are a great alternative to traditional tiles, as they feature seamless joints and surfaces that are grout-free. 

Think of the Neighbors!

Our final tip: think about how your bathroom remodeling project will affect those around you. Try and be considerate where possible. Your local council or county may allow you to start right when 7 am hits on a Saturday morning, but it won’t win you any brownie points with your neighbors. 

It may not be possible to prevent noise and disturbance, but do what you can to avoid driving your neighbors bananas. Give your street the heads up, apologize in advance for any potential issues, and think about giving them a small present or home baking (real brownies will get you brownie points!).

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