Having your own house is a fantastic feeling. However, the responsibilities that come with owning can be essential to keep your house cleaner, safer, and a comfortable place. For this to happen, organize your time to maintain the house and have it run and new. Here’s what a homeowner should do this year to ensure that the house is in good shape and inhabitable.

Double-check the safety measures

Safety comes first. Double-check the safety measures, if the doors and windows are working correctly and if they’re lockable. For fire safety, check the gauges to see if they’re okay and if it has any issues, replace the fire extinguishers and your smoke detectors. Test your security alarm. It is also advisable to have enough food to last three days if an emergency strikes, a flashlight, and some cash.

An invention comes second

Doing an inventory comes second. Visit all the rooms listing all the furniture and electronic devices, and you might also go further and take pictures or a video of the room. You’re also advised to keep copies of receipts and essential details of other possessions, such as the serial numbers of devices, their date of manufacture, and their warranty cards. This will help you with insurance claims in case of a disaster or burglary. For better security, you can back up these receipts in your cloud. At the same time, you are doing this to check the conditions of your belongings. Try to keep a list of the belongings needed to be repaired. Visit the furniture store in royal palm beach for more details.

Planning your home budget

Planning your home budget is a great decision, and it will help a lot since having a plan of your income and expenditure is an excellent step towards saving. Having a well-illustrated financial plan enables you to live according to your pocket. It also reduces the overspending of money, leading to financial problems. According to research, home budget planning makes you save 15% more money. Don’t forget to add your home improvements plan and set aside money to cover upgrades and renovations.

Drain your water heater

You should drain your water heater and get rid of the sediments that settle at the bottom of the tank over time which causes corrosion. This keeps the heater running more efficiently and increases the tank’s life, thus keeping your water warm and causing as few deductions as possible in your heating bill. It is also essential to check the hot water pipes since hard water, when heated, might leave the pipes clogged. At some point, the pipes will burst because of the scum that forms on the inside walls of the pipes.

Roof inspection

A roof inspection is critical since the roof is the most damaged part during severe weather. Roofs can erode quickly, causing leaks and ugly stains on the walls. Homeowners should look at the ceiling for any sign of stains. This is a clear sign that your roof needs some attention. If you have a roof with tiles, you should check for any damages or missing tiles to avoid leaks from reaching into your home. It is also essential to find out when your roof was last replaced.

Many homeowners collect rainwater with the help of gutters, so cleaning them is vital. Over time dirt from fallen leaves and dust has blown to the roof. This accumulates debris throughout the year, which might disturb water flow, leading to overflowing. Dirt in your gutter may contaminate the water being collected. If the channels are too high, you can use a ladder or even go a step further and hire a professional cleaner if you find that too dangerous.

Look for water damage

Be cautious for water damage as it might lead to big issues. Water can cause a dilemma in a home. Dealing with drainage issues can save a lot of money in the long run. Look for damages at the following places:

  • Exterior doors
  • Around the bathtub and bathroom
  • Ceiling
  • Behind Drywall
  • Under the sink
  • Windows
  • Around water containers
  • Around the toilet

Deep clean

Do a deep cleaning of your house. A clean reaches all those hard-to-reach places. Clean behind the oven, refrigerator coil, and anywhere that is overlooked. You can empty all the drawers and wardrobes during cleaning. Research shows that many people get a lot of lost items while doing a deep clean of their houses. Doing this will prevent pests and the spread of other diseases.

Keep a list of minor errors and follow up

Homeowners are urged to keep a list of minor errors and follow up. It’s best to hold an updated checklist of the repairs needed in a house. As time goes many things wear out and may lead to huge losses if not repaired. Doing this annually, you will always notice something to be replaced, window panes, door handles, or a little paint.

Improve your connection to the internet

Improve your connection to the internet. The internet is exciting in this era as many people can work from home today. The Corona Virus also pushed a lot of students into online learning. Upgrading your internet connection or checking for faculties in the internet accessing equipment. Consider looking into satellite internet providers for a more stable and faster connection. Check your Wi-Fi speed and change your passwords from time to time. In terms of entertainment, streaming a movie might be fun, or even gaming online will be more fun with fast internet access.

According to home inspection owners, most people don’t go to the attic enough. Therefore, you should go up there after a heavy downpour in search of any leaks. It would be best to look for molds, signs of any pests, animal droppings, and even cracks. Cracks might make the roof cave in if they are not repaired in time.

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