Thankfully, summer is almost here for all of us who’ve been yearning for longer days and warmer weather. If you’re looking forward to spending a lot of time outside, at events, or with family and friends during this season, you aren’t alone. 

But as much time as you’ll spend outside of your home, you’ll also spend a lot of time in it during the summer. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be an oasis all on its own. Get ready for a spectacular summer by making these upgrades to your home. 

Renovate the Inside of Your Home

As beautiful as summer days and nights are, you may want to get inside some evenings to stay out of the heat. For some, that’s a transition into a world that doesn’t reflect summer. But for you, the inside of your home doesn’t have to lose the summertime feel. 

Ready Your Decor for Summer 

If you’re worried about having to change decor and accessories every season, consider upgrades that make for an easy transition from season to season. For instance, you can choose interior colors strategically. Decide on a main color that can be used throughout the year, like white. For winter, you can do white and blue. For spring, you can do white and green. For summer you can do white and yellow. And for fall, you can do white, cream, and red. 

You could also cycle out throw pillows and blankets, try furniture covers, and use different colored candles and scents to match each season. Updating your home’s interior this summer doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming when you use things that can easily move from season to season. 

Save on Utilities 

It’s also a great idea to hone in on your utility costs. Many people use air conditioning or other means of keeping cool during the summer months which can take their utility expenses higher than they want them to be. 

Do the following to lower your utility costs this summer: 

  • Install energy-efficient appliances; 
  • Lean on natural light and native plants; 
  • Use a temperature control device in your home; 
  • Be mindful of how much water you use while showering;
  • Get your HVAC system cleaned to ensure efficiency. 

You can use the money you save on utilities to make additional summertime renovations that make your house stand out. 

Ready Your Front and Backyards for Summer 

Summer is one of, if not, the most popular season for traveling. Despite inflation, 68% of travelers in Mckinsey’s recent U.S. Travel Survey said they planned to take a summer vacation “no matter what”. 

But as much as you may  love to travel during the summer, spending time in your own yards can be just as exhilarating. 

Whether you plan on throwing parties in your backyard, want your front yard to look good at the next block party, or plan to make time in the yard a part of your day-to-day this summer, use these tips to ready your front and back yards for good times. 

Landscaping and Gardening 

Flourishing green lawns. A beautiful variety of plants and flowers. Pristine hedges and bushes. Trees, stone pathways, and other landscaping design details that make your front and back yards not only beautiful but representative of you and your unique family. You want your front and backyards to look good during the summer.

If you aren’t the DIY type and have the budget for it, consider working with a reputable landscaper in your area. Hiring a professional has many advantages as their expertise can help you avoid costly landscaping mistakes and also advise you on how you make your outdoor spaces more eco-friendly. Overall, they  can help you define your vision for both yards and bring it to life.

If hiring a landscaper isn’t an option, take on a few projects yourself. For example, you could reseed your lawn and learn tips for helping it flourish through the summer and following seasons. You could plant flowers along the path to your front door. Or you could simply commit to mowing your lawn, weeding, and other maintenance activities regularly. 

Consider starting a garden as well. Gardening can serve a few purposes: 

  1. Providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs 
  2. Beautify your backyard 
  3. Nurture your mental and physical health 

Start small with gardening. Choose a few plants that are easy to maintain and designate an area in your backyard for them. Feel free to add more to your garden as you grow more comfortable with it.

And why not elevate your garden’s charm by integrating a garden arbor? This can become a stunning focal point, adding structure and height. It’s perfect for climbing plants and creates a picturesque entryway into your verdant haven.


When you’ve spent all that time landscaping and setting up your garden, including your new garden arbor, you want to put your efforts on display and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You’ll have all the natural light you’ll need during the day. But when the sun finally sets on those warm summer nights, have great lighting in place to keep the good times going. 

String lights are a popular option because they’re affordable and can be hung in different places in various ways. They also give off a warm and intimate vibe that makes relaxing outside this summer a go-to activity. 

If string lights aren’t for you, try one of these outdoor lighting options:

  • Sconces;
  • Lanterns; 
  • Tiki torches; 
  • Bollard lights; 
  • Pendant lights;
  • Oversized floor lamp or chandelier.

Accessories and Ambiance

Ambiance is the mood, atmosphere, or character of a space. Think about the ambiance you want to have in your front and back yards. For example, maybe in your front yard, you want it to feel bright and welcoming. And in the backyard you want the ambiance to be warm, intimate, and cozy. 

Use accessories to achieve the ambiance you want in your yards. You can shop here for Shade structures to add more comfort to the seating area. Your lighting, landscaping, and gardening details can absolutely contribute to the aura you’re trying to create. Aside from these things, consider adding the following to build out your desired atmosphere: 

  • Fountains; 
  • Bird baths;
  • Statues; 
  • Wind chimes;
  • Patio furniture; 
  • Outdoor heating; 
  • Lawn ornaments; 
  • Outdoor wall art; 
  • Outdoor rugs.

Your yards won’t be complete without accessories that create the ambiance you want as you spend time outside in the summer. 

The sun shouldn’t be the only thing shining this summer. Make sure the interior and exterior of your home are too with the upgrade tips above. Summertime home renovations are the key to creating your ideal oasis for this popular season. 

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