Spring-Scented Home Decor & Accessories
Shopping Guide: Spring-Scented Home Decor & Accessories.

Well, friends, we made it: spring is finally upon us! While some of you may be celebrating by hiking or picnicking or otherwise frolicking in the great outdoors, we here in New York City are dealing with the end of a very confusing snowstorm and the last days of chilly winter weather. But does that stop us from celebrating all things spring? Kind of. Not at all!

While we may not be smelling the springtime flowers outside just yet, there are plenty of ways to make our (and your!) home smell like spring. Here are 11 home accessories and decor options to do it:

1. Royal Aroma Reed Diffuser in Green Valley

I actually first got this diffuser as a gift over a year ago, and it’s easily the best, freshest-smelling incense I’ve ever had. I’m not generally big on incense because I often find it too overwhelming, but this just smells like you’ve left a window open on a bright Spring day.

2. French Lilac Soy Candle

Florals for spring might not be so groundbreaking, but this lilac-scented candle is worth the Miranda Priestly snark.

3. Wallflowers Fragrance in Beautiful Day

On their own, these wall scents aren’t the prettiest, but you can always pick up a spring-themed decorative plug-in to make them more presentable.

4. Cactus Porcelain Diffuser in Sonora Saguaro

A cactus might make you think of summer, but the notes of green apple, moss, and lemon in the fragrance will keep you firmly planted in the spring months.

5. Luxury Candle in Treehouse

Great, now I have treehouse FOMO, and it’s all this candle’s fault.

6. Green Tea & Lemon Home Fragrance Oil

A scent so fresh, you might want to drink it (don’t).

7. Verbena Perfumed Sachet (L’Occitane

You probably had a few DIY sachets when you were little, and your weird aunt was on her dried flower kick, but these are actually really great to keep around the house. You can tuck them into any drawer, and they’ll leave behind a glorious spring-y scent.

8. Green Grass Large Jar Candle

The only thing I miss about living in a suburb is the smell of fresh-cut grass when the weather finally gets warm.

9. Luxury Candle in Mysterious Water

Does anyone else associate ponds with spring? Anyone?

10. The Smell of Spring Decorative Fragrance

Apparently, decorative fragrances are a thing, and I’m not mad about it.

11. Honeysuckle Decorative Diffuser

I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled honeysuckle before, but if you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out.

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