You love your home the way it is. You don’t just see four walls and a roof – you see a rich tapestry of memories, preferences and personal tastes. Every paw scratch on the floor is a testament to a beloved pet. Every art piece on the wall, an extension of your thoughts and feelings. Every brimming cabinet, the mark of a busy life.

Unfortunately, buyers won’t see it this way. They want to imagine their best life in their new home. They want to see a beautiful, blank canvas for their own tastes, memories and ambitions. And that’s where home staging is essential.

In this post, learn a few tried and tested tips for staging a home so you can sell it quickly and (knock on wood) for top dollar.

Connect with a Fantastic Realtor

This may seem like an obvious first tip, but it bears repeating: find the best real estate company you can. Realtors are a pivotal part of a successful staging process. They’ve seen the homes that sell quickly; they know what buyers want; they can advise and potentially hire professional stagers with a direct eye toward a quick, profitable sale.

So, as a first step, do some research into the best realtors in your area using easy search keywords. For instance, if you live in Toronto, search “best real estate companies Toronto” and skim reviews for the top hits.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Declutter

Clutter is baggage. Clutter is stress. Clutter is not what a buyer wants to see upon first arriving at a viewing. As you ramp up to your list date or offer date, take a week (at least) to declutter your home.

It helps to divide belongings into groups: items to keep, sell, donate or throw away. For smaller items, you can physically group these into piles. For larger items, it’s easier to create a written inventory and list these designations next to each item.

“De-Personalize” Your Home

Realtors and home stagers often discuss “de-personalizing” a home before it hits the market. What they mean is that you need to remove any personal traces from the home. As the intro mentions, buyers want to view themselves in a place, transposing their individual tastes and hopes onto the home. That can be challenging for a buyer if they see a slate of family photos, kids’ drawings on the fridge, your art on the walls, etc.

As hard as it may be, remove these items before your home goes on the market, stowing them safely in a box marked “Keep, obviously!”.

Focus on First Impressions

Lastly, pay special attention to first impressions. The first thing a buyer will see as they drive up for a viewing will be the front yard, which is why curb appeal is imperative. The first thing they see when they open the door will be the hallway or foyer, which is why de-personalization and decluttering are critical. Throughout the home, focus on providing unobstructed sightlines, and allow ample natural light. Every corner they turn in your home is an opportunity to make another great first impression.

With some elbow grease, a little know-how, and the help of a fantastic realtor, you can stage your home for a quick and smooth sale. Follow the tips above, and don’t hesitate to ask the professionals if you have any further questions.

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