Home upgrades are starting to feel like something out of the Jetsons. Home improvements that we only used to dream of as kids are becoming a commonplace reality. It won’t be long before our entire homes are connected and ready to make our lives easier. Little by little our homes are gaining skills, getting a little bit smarter, and becoming a whole lot more efficient.

Most modern homeowners are looking to make these upgrades for a variety of reasons. For some, having the coolest new tech is a convenience they love. For others it is about the financial savings or enhanced home security that the upgrades can bring.

Regardless of the motive behind the initial investment in smart home upgrades, the benefits are real. Integrating smart tech into your home can revolutionize your living space and greatly boost your overall property value over time. Here are some of the biggest reasons to make a switch to smart tech in your home.  

Boost Energy Efficiency

As a society, we are inching towards energy solutions that are better and better for our environment. One of the ways this is happening is through tech that is more energy efficient. Hundreds of smart uses for smart home technologies from thermostats to sprinkler systems designed to minimize usage and maximize efficiency, which goes a long way towards saving you money on your utility bills over time. Combining smart home technologies with an effort to compare energy rates Ohio can be an effective way to optimize energy usage and potentially save on costs.

Moreover, many of these local energy providers focus on renewable sources, such as wind and solar, to reduce their environmental impact.

Home upgrades like smart thermostats can make a real difference in your energy usage by allowing you to control your home’s temperature while away from the home. After all, there’s no point in running the heat all day in an empty house, why not have it set to turn on just before you get home? Going to be home late? Not a problem, just use the app on your phone to adjust.

Many of the apps associated with our smart technologies can be set up on a schedule so they perform a certain task at a certain time of the day or week. Ultimately, this can save us a lot of time and energy. Maybe the smart sprinklers only turn on when the sensor indicates the ground is drying out, and the smart lights you control on your phone help you ensure all the lights are turned off when you leave the house.   

Enhance Home Security

Another major benefit of smart technologies for our homes is the boost in home security that they offer. Security systems and pet monitors can be set up and controlled from a phone, allowing you to check in on your home and fur babies regularly throughout the day. This can give you extensive peace of mind as you go about your tasks away from the home.

These types of technologies could play an important role in helping older people maintain independence and live in place longer. A lot of different smart technologies can help older people accomplish tasks that become difficult with age. Security systems can be set up to allow them to check who is at the door before answering. Or alternatively, the system can be designed to allow younger relatives to check in more easily.

Smart security technology has even made its way into the vacation rental market. Tools like smart keyless locks are a great way to ensure the property is secure yet still accessible to the groups that are scheduled to come and stay. Once the group has left, keyless locks can be wiped and set up anew before the next guests arrive.

Increase Property Values

All of these smart home upgrades can ultimately add up to increased property values over time. Many home buyers are increasingly interested in purchasing homes that have at least the basic smart amenities such as smart plug-ins, light bulbs, or thermostats. Realtors often find themselves pointing out some of the smart tech enhancements that are already installed in homes.

Of course, there are a lot of home upgrades that you can work on in your vacation/rental property or a personal home. The convenience and popularity of installing smart technology is perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider it top amongst the list of home improvements you can make. People are excited to utilize it and it can make any home or vacation home that much more enjoyable.

Many homeowners are continuing to retrofit their homes to incorporate smart technologies that make life easier, more energy efficient, and bring financial savings. Whether it is an oven that can be set to preheat while you’re at the store, solar panels that shift to absorb more sunlight, or an air purifying system that reminds you to change the filter, smart technology is changing our lives. If these upgrades can boost our efficiency, save us money, and increase our property values, what’s not to love?

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