The Roborock S7 MaxV is one of the latest in the new line of consumer Roborock robots. With the same great features of Roborock S6 MaxV (the dual-camera, room-by-room navigation, Alexa integration), the S7 MaxV adds a VibraRise mop, more suction power, and a dock that not only empties your dustbin but also cleans your mop and absorbs dirty water.

It sounds futuristic, but the product is all that and more.

Roboroc is one of the key players in the robot vacuum market and has been making many strides in upgrading its previous models. Its S7 MaxV Ultra is a high-end robot that brings a lot of scientific views, including some upgraded features from its predecessors. Let’s look at this new robot vacuum cleaner to see if this will work for you.

Roborock S7 MaxV is a Snap

Roborock S7 MaxV is a Snap


·        Self-emptying dustbin and water tank;

·        Works great on both carpet (low-pile) and hard floors;

·        User-friendly app

·        Excellent object-avoidance technology


·        Expensive (currently $1,200 at Amazon)

·        Not for high-pile carpet

·        Large dock

Key Specs:

Batter Life: 140 minutes

Noise Level: 55 decibels

Robot Vacuum Height: 3.8 inches

Suction Power: 5,100 pascals

Robot Vacuum Bin Size: 400 milliliters

Disposable Dustbag Capacity: 2.5 liters

Water Tank Capacity: 200 milliliters

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: An Overview

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: An Overview

Robovac-robocop floor cleaning tools have come a long way in a short time. While the first few generations of robovacs came with one big sticking point – they don’t actually mop and vacuum at the same time – there are recent changes that are game-changers in many ways. Still, the problem is that after vacuuming, you need to manually put on the mop pad and turn it back on so it can start mopping again. Robock S6MaxV tried to fix that, but with one caveat: you still need to wash the mop pad after using it.

The S7 MaxV Ultra dismisses all these problems with a jack-of-all-trades base station. It goes back to its docking station to charge, empties gathered trash into a bag, drains dirty water into a reservoir, refills clean water, and washes its mop pad. With all these features, the word “automatic” has finally come to define an automatic cleaner.

Seamless Operation

At first, I thought that the S7 MaxV Ultra would be complicated to use. With its colossal base station, it’s pretty intimidating. But I was wrong.

The S7 MaxV Ultra is actually really simple to set up and operate. The instructions are clear, and they’re easy to follow. It took me less than fifteen minutes to get everything up and running. I just had to plug the base station into a power outlet, remove some packaging materials, fill it with water, and lower the vacuum to charge. The Roborock app can be easily connected to the device via a QR code.

It’s also straightforward to use once it’s set up—the remote control makes it simple to switch between modes with just a couple of clicks. There are only three buttons on top of the base station itself: one for power, one for mode selection, and the third for child lock. Overall, the machine looks nice and simplistic.


Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: Navigation

The S7 MaxV Ultra features an advanced laser-based mapping system (LiDAR) that allows it to easily navigate your home. The robot vacuum can avoid obstacles, going around them if necessary. It can also detect places it has been cleaned and avoid those areas. This allows the robot vacuum to cover your entire floor area with just one pass. As a result, it ensures that no matter how large a space you have, you won’t need to worry about missed spots or incomplete coverage.

All that sensor data makes a stunningly realistic picture of your floor layout. You can see this plan in the Roborock app, which works like Google Maps. We’re not just talking about walls here. It automatically labels rooms, distinguishes between carpet, tile, and hardwood, and even recognizes furniture such as chairs and tables. While it’s not perfect (it mistook my keys for a TV remote), it’s extremely remarkable. You can quickly adjust the settings in the app.

Virtual Wall

Room recognition and virtual walls allow you to use your vacuum only in specific rooms rather than the entire house. This feature lets you save energy. Although it’s a little awkward to use in the app, this function works better if connected to a voice assistant. When you ask Alexa to clean the kitchen as you leave and return to spotless floors, it feels like the future.

Yet, not all of the bells and whistles made me in awe. The remote control option is somewhat perplexing. The camera is one of those nice-in-theory features you’ll quickly forget after spying on your dog once.

Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance

The most important question is whether the S7 MaxV Ultra is excellent at cleaning?

This model dramatically eliminates filth, dust, and paw prints on our tile and hardwood floors in a single pass. You can use Roborocks cleaning solution, which you can add to the plain water or use as a substitute for it, but the result is almost the same. In either case, the floors were clear and streak-free. They also dried quickly. Thanks to its effective mopping procedure, the bot’s 3-liter water tank lasted weeks of regular wiping.

How about against pet hairs? This is also what I wanted to see myself. Marley, my fur baby, loves curling up on the carpet. So I ran another test to determine if it could pick up his sheds from the hard floor and the rug.

I noticed that the S7 MaxV has problems picking up pet hairs in carpets. A lot of Marly’s fur remains on the carpets. There was a problem.

I discovered after checking the machine that Marty’s coat clogged the S7’s internal dust bin. The hair clumps were so dense that not even the port’s strong suction could move them. Why it wasn’t cleaning well makes sense. After removing the furs, it performed better but still missed some hair.

What amazes me though is when the bot gets close to the carpet. It automatically raises its mopping pad like a Bumblebee before transitioning from hard floor to carpet. The S7 MaxV is clever enough to avoid pet litter. It will not smudge your pet poop anywhere else, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it will not give you more problems.

Another plus point is the way it effortlessly cleans nooks and crannies. It gets under the couch, bed, and furnishings with ease. I don’t have to bend down and clean these hard-to-reach areas anymore.

Final Thoughts

I’ve already breezed through two months of cleaning using Roborock S7 MaxV, and the results are excellent. I have little to complain about, especially its performance over pet hair on carpets. However, for a typical 90-minute cleanup routine, it’s a good cleaning buddy overall. The instructions on its operation are easy to follow. Since I started using it, cleaning has become almost 90% automatic. It makes cleaning painless because it lets me free up time for more important than cleaning, and fun for Marley because he loves chasing it when it’s on.

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