Renovating Kitchen vs Building From Scratch

There has been a great dilemma going on for some time now in your household, and you haven’t had the time to analyze the options presented to you along with all the pros and cons of each. After many discussions and savings, you have finally decided that you need a change inside your kitchen.

You will need to upgrade so that you can finally enjoy cooking and eating without having to struggle inside your kitchen. But, the dilemma is what should you do first? Do you have to partly invest and upgrade only some parts of the kitchen because you feel like you don’t have to invest that much money to rebuild from scratch?

Well, each option has its ups and downs and each one will affect your lifestyle in the long term. That is why we need to analyze both options for appliances, color, design, material, and even the longevity of your kitchen as it is and after it is built from scratch. When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you are already unhappy with the kitchen you have. You need a change and you need to figure out everything that is wrong with the kitchen as it is. You need to identify the things that are already done good and don’t need to change and the ones that need to be renovated and upgraded so that you can get what you need from your kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen may include keeping most of the core parts of your kitchen. Including the same color, material, and even some of the appliances. The design will not change as much and the layout of your space will have to be mostly the same because of the limited choices you have from the already built kitchen. Your appliances areas they are including the counters, and sinks may not be fit for your taste, the shelves and stove may not be practical and your range hood does not work and it is not a custom range hood that you can fit and blend in with the rest of the kitchen’s design. You may feel like it is a mess whenever you enter your kitchen.

That feeling is still possible after all the investments of renovating your kitchen from the already built version of your kitchen. But on the bright side of this choice, you may not have to spend that much to get only what you need and nothing extra for your pleasure. On the other side, when you completely build a kitchen from scratch, you commit yourself to a full personalized design that will be thought, processed, and decided by you and your idea of your dream kitchen.

You can decide to have a new color, new materials, a bigger and more efficient space, better lighting, custom-built accessories and appliances such as copper range hoods, and you can also plan for the maintenance of a long term solution that may not need to be renovated for a very long time. It may cost you a lot more but the benefits that you get from a new kitchen are something to dream about and something that cannot be stopped by the cost of a custom-built kitchen that truly reflects the real you.

No matter what you choose, whether it is renovating or building from scratch, you have to remember that your kitchen is the happiest and most important room in your house. So you have to consider what affects you the most in your lifestyle to make the best decision for you and your family.

What is the most important room in the house and why?

Why Kitchen is The Most Important Room of Your House

When driving down to details about human life and their basic needs everything seems to be clearer and a lot simpler. People need plenty of things to do during the day, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, and having social interactions to keep them moving throughout the day.

But when you think about most of these activities only one of them may not be able to be done comfortably in a kitchen, and that is sleeping. Because every other activity that is basic and very important in our lives can and is best done in our kitchen.

Each one of us is guilty of eating and watching movies, cooking and chatting on our phones, and even organizing parties that are mainly thrown in our kitchens. Whether it is cooking or eating, we all know that without our kitchen we would never be able to truly enjoy the warmth of our house. That is why it is easy to say that your kitchen is the most important room in your house.

When thinking about your home, the main reason why you feel so comfortable is that you eat the food that you cook and you sleep in your bed. Everything inside is made of you, your taste in everything makes your house the home that you cannot wait to come back to. That is why before designing your kitchen, you need to carefully plan everything that you will need to see and use for a very long time, every day in the morning and when you come back from work. The first place you need to relax and refill your energy will be the kitchen, and if it is not pleasing to you then that needs to change immediately.

You need to start by changing the color and lighting around your kitchen, this will immediately affect the mood you have when you cook or eat. It will affect the way you cook and the way everyone inside your kitchen feels and expresses themselves when in your kitchen. After that, you will need to decide on the best materials that make you feel the warmth of your home and the true investment and achievement that you have created for yourself by simply renovating your kitchen.

The true reason why the kitchen is the most important room in your house is in the details of your kitchen. The colors of your appliances, the material of your custom range hood, and even the color of your seats by the counter. Everything affects the way you feel. Besides the esthetic part of your kitchen, you need your custom range hood to clear your air after the cooking so that you can be comfortable but also keep your kitchen from aging or breaking down after a few years.

The reason you never neglect having your kitchen built or renovated in detail to match your lifestyle and taste is that it is your happy place. And your mood, success, and even failure can depend on the small details of your home. That is why you need to custom-build the kitchen that matches you and fits your every need inside the walls of your home.

Written by: Livia Neistat.

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