An office chair is critical to an employee’s long-term productivity and health. That’s why offices invest in ergonomic office chairs that offer maximum support and are adjustable to an individual’s preferences. Herman Miller has the ultimate office chairs to beat; its furniture focuses on human-centered design and involves cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art adjustability to accommodate many body types. Thus, it is no surprise that Herman Miller chairs are super expensive.

An average chair can cost around $1000. It begs the question; are they even worth the price? Let’s find out!

Herman Miller Chair Features

To determine if Herman Miller chairs are as good and comfortable as they are made out to be, we have discussed some of their features in detail.


The Herman Miller office chairs have a standard yet sleek design. The chair has aesthetic appeal and is ergonomically designed to be comfortable. It has a sleek and contemporary look that is great for minimalists. The chair offers a mesh seat and arched backrest in a waterfall-edge format. It is available in three colors: carbon, white, and graphite.

Advanced Building Materials

Another reason why the Herman Miller chairs are so expensive is because of the high-quality materials used to build them. For instance, the arched and flexible backrest of Herman Miller chairs is made of nylon 6, a tough yet flexible polymer that is durable, bendable, and perfect for prolonged use. The backrest is also filled with a special glass material that offers a wider range of motion and flexibility.

Ergonomics and Adjustability

The main selling feature of Herman Miller chairs is their ergonomic design and adjustability. Its tilt limiter feature allows you to adjust the backrest in three positions. For instance, upright, mid-recline, and full-recline. The chair is made with cutting-edge patent control technology optimized for 24/7 sitting. Moreover, the Embody comprises 3 different layers; a micro and a macro compliance layer and a laid support layer, each of which performs a different task.

The Herman Miller chairs also come with adjustable armrests that move from side to side, back and forth, and up and down.

Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

The cutting-edge technology, paired with the ergonomic design, makes Herman Miller chairs worth it. Since most employees spend the better part of their work days on their chairs, they need something that can offer long-term comfort and adjustability. These chairs are perfect for every body type and position, and you can adjust the seat height and support, lumbar support and tension, and backrest tilt.

Another reason why Herman Miller chairs are so expensive is because of the comfort they offer. The chairs are designed to prevent and manage back pain and enable people to sit on them for 10 to 12 hours without feeling any discomfort.

Thus, the Herman Miller office chairs are ideal for anyone who suffers from back pain, has a desk job, is looking for fully-assembled furniture, and wants their choice to be eco-friendly. Yes, the price might still be steep, but the chair’s comfort and durability make it worth it!

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