What would you choose between completing the real estate license course without leaving your home, or driving every day to attend physical classes? You’d most likely choose the first option. We are in a modern era where technology is moving the world. Therefore, many people would prefer to fulfill most of the real estate license requirements online to make things easier for themselves. 

Since you prefer an online real estate course, let us take you through the process of acquiring it, and most importantly, making the right decisions. 

What is an Online Real Estate License Course?

Many states in the US require all real estate agents and brokers to apply for a two-year renewable license before they can practice. One of the major requirements is to complete the online realtor license course offered by a platform that is certified by the state. 

The duration of a real estate online course varies from one state to another. Some take less than 70 hours while others take more than 100 hours. They cover a variety of topics depending on what each state deems enough to license applicants. 

How to Choose a Real Estate Online Course

As mentioned, the real estate online course is one of the mandatory requirements before applying for a license. Since everyone has to do it, it is good to know how to choose the best online realty school.

  • Compare different platforms – Some certified real estate online platforms are better than others in terms of cost, learning materials, and delivery of the course. Compare different schools carefully before picking one that meets your needs. Most importantly, consider the cost of each platform. You should focus on the original source to find the right information about different online platforms. 
  • Check course packages – Each real estate online course may have different packages with different prices. Check them well to make the right decisions. Some people prefer only the course, while others prefer the course and exam preparation materials or other books to help in real estate licensing. 
  • Plan on how to take the course – Many realty online schools offer an expiry period for the courses. But this time is enough for anyone to take the real estate online course conveniently. However, they provide a room for clients to discuss with students how to take the course in a flexible way. 
  • Study for the exam as well – This is your chance for an online real estate broker license, and you should ensure that you grab it fully. So, study for the exam and ensure that you prepare adequately to pass after the first attempt. As mentioned, many reliable real estate online platforms have exam preparation materials that you can use to make your journey easy.


The real estate online course is a requirement for you to get a real estate license in many states in the US. It is also the most tasking because it takes time to complete. However, with a good plan, you can complete it conveniently alongside your other life activities. This article has just highlighted the best way to tackle this step.

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