Outdoor Parking Lot Lighting

As the technology is becoming more sophisticated, countries are also developing and introducing newer techniques to the general public. Of all the sophisticated facilities, transportation has gradually become a basic necessity and requirement.

Cars are the most common means in this regard. But one can’t simply leave it standing on the road. That’s why parking lots are made for vehicles where anyone can safely park their vehicles. The new buildings constructed today feature parking to cater to the increasing number of cars.

While safely parking one’s car in a parking lot is not a big issue during the day, it is important that a parking lot should have proper outdoor lighting systems, to keep the drivers safe during the night. If a parking lot lacks outdoor lighting solutions it poses a significant risk to the drivers.

While an adequate lighting system is crucial, one that consumes a lot of energy greatly increases the cost. For example, the older HID lamps use a lot of energy but deliver low illumination. On the contrary, solar or LED lights are better options to deliver adequate lighting while keeping the cost in check.

What Should We Consider Before Buying Outdoor Lightings?

What Should We Consider Before Buying Outdoor Lightings?

Outdoor lighting is an important aspect of any parking area, house, or office. Before buying outdoor lights one should consider the following things:

  • One should buy lights with same appearance and intensity. Doing so ensures uniform visibility and also adds to the aesthetic of any outdoor parking area.
  • Use high intensity lights for better illumination.

Places that Need Most Lighting:

When installing the parking lights, one should prioritize the places where most lighting will be beneficial. These include:

1. Entrance and Exits

The entrance and exit routes are any parking area should be properly lit. While lighting is necessary for security check and fact-checking, the interaction between the guards and the drivers, and the exchange of documents is also possible in the presence of efficient lights.

2. Signboards

The signboards directing the cars in the parking area should be made visible to avoid accidents. Since the parking area is not spacious as roads, the lack or invisibility of the signboards will result in random parking practices which are risky for both the drivers and their cars.

3. Pedestrian Route

Every parking area has a pedestrian route for those who need to walk to their car. These pedestrian routes need to be highlighted with the surface as well as vertical lighting so they are visible to both the car drivers and pedestrians.

4. Parking Space

The parking space needs proper illumination so the car drivers can see the parking marks and the car does not bump into something or hits the parking floor. It also helps in making the car visible and prominent so the driver can recognize easily his car easily at night.

Choosing a Suitable Outdoor Parking Lot Fixture: A Comparison

Parking Lot Fixture

When discussing the different Solar and LED Parking lights, one should know about certain features that make them both suitable for parking lots.

Let’s have a look at a short comparison between the two.

1. Budget-friendly

Since an outdoor parking lot is a huge area, one has to find budget-friendly yet uniform intensity lights. The uniformity is important because if the lights fixtures have high and low intensity, their overall illumination will be low causing prominent issues in the parking area. On the contrary, the equally balanced light formation creates better visibility that helps the drivers at night too.

LED lights are better in this regard as they come in different shapes and sizes and are also budget-friendly. They are usually a long-term investment too.

Solar energy is a natural source of power. They help reduce electricity bills but come with a high upfront cost.  Plus, they cannot work more than 6 to 8 hours at night unless fully charged during daylight.

2. Source

Talking about the power sources, choosing between Solar and LED lighting is easy. LED is a sophisticated technology that uses less power and provides high illumination. LED light fixtures come as high and low lamps and lanterns, and one can adjust their intensity too.

Solar lights are an old concept which consumes energy from the sun. Although, they are expensive to buy initially, serve their value in terms of energy efficiency.

3. Automatic Lighting Control

Light control mode is a very important feature in which the operation of the outdoor parking lot fixture depends upon natural light. When the natural illuminating light gets low, the fixture turns on, and when the natural light is intense, the fixture turns off. This feature is unique to solar lights which is quite beneficial as it saves a lot of energy.

The other method is the time control method. A timer is set and the fixture switches on or off accordingly. There is also an electric switch to turn it on or off. Most LEDs boast this feature.

Which one is better?

Although, both have their own benefits, LED lights are the winner because of their low maintenance, budget-friendliness, and energy efficiency. They can last up to 20+ years and can work in all weather conditions.

Benefits of having LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures:

Benefits of having LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures

LED light fixtures as they are easy to use in both urban and rural areas. To explain it more, here are the benefits of having LED Parking Lot Light fixtures:

  • LED lights do not use bulbs. Hence, they are safe from environmental hazards like rain, pests  and other weather issues.
  • LED lights control the temperature and do not become hot like HID Lights.
  • They turn on instantly and don’t consume more energy for full illumination.
  • They use less energy and give the best output i.e. high illumination.
  • LED lights are durable and weather-sealed.

In a Nutshell

Outdoor parking lot light fixtures are important for the safety of both the drivers and their cars. If the parking lot lights are not adequate, it can result in accidents. Brighter lights lead to brighter visions. They play a major role by preventing accidents and even help in regulating crimes in areas where CCTVs are installed.

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