Bring color and creativity back to home design! Discover why outdated trends are better than today’s muted styles. Read more to get inspired!

These days, so many homes look blah – all muted grays and zero personality. What happened to imagination in interior design? I want to see bold patterns, vibrant colors, unique accents that spark joy. Our homes should reflect our creative spirit! Decor is a form of art after all. Let’s bring liveliness back into living spaces. Don’t be afraid of color and originality. Dare to make a statement with your style. Gray walls have their place, but just a touch enlivens a room. Go bright, go bold, go you! Make your home as vibrant as your dreams.

People are craving the return of walls and defined rooms! Open floor plans are overrated, according to many. While once trendy, removing walls makes homes loud and echo-y. Cooking smells permeate, and privacy vanishes.

1. Bring Back Cozy: Open Floor Plans Get Thumbs Down From Many

As Sarah M. shared, we don’t need to hear everything happening all the time. Another commenter agreed – renovating to open up old homes often ruins the layout. They’re now avoiding houses with unnecessary open spaces.

Let’s bring back distinct rooms! Sure, open dining-kitchens work if well-designed. But too much bleeds sound and scents. Closed doors allow family members to retreat and regroup. Say goodbye to limitless openness; define rooms for cozier, calmer homes.

What outdated trends would you revive? Share your ideas below!

2. Bring Back Personality: It’s Time to Reclaim Color and Style in Home Decor

Accent walls add personality! As an Illinois reader, age 20, shared – whether bold colors or fun patterns, accent walls give rooms flair. They create visual focus while matching overall decor.

Another commenter has accent walls throughout their home. They provide focal points without much commitment – easily painted over later. Their advice? Decorate for yourself, not hypothetical buyers. Home should be enjoyed now by the families living there.

Let’s bring back accent walls unapologetically! A splash of color or print on one wall can liven up a space. It allows for self-expression. Trends come and go – enjoy what sparks joy for you today. With accent walls, homes become canvases for creativity.

3. Let’s Lounge: Sunken Living Rooms Offer Cozy Charm

Sunken living rooms seem long gone, but their allure remains. As one 49-year-old from Georgia commented, descending just two steps into a lower couch area creates visual intrigue. It leaves the rest of the room open and spacious, but carves out an intimate lounge zone. Who wouldn’t want to curl up on a sofa nestled in its own little nook? Sunken seating evokes a retro charm while adding dimensionality. Bring back the sunken living room for a cozy – yet still airy – gathering spot!

4. Lemon-Aid: Dedicated Dining Rooms Offer Special Gathering Spaces

Dining rooms deserve a revival, according to many. As one homeowner of a 1990s house shared, dedicated dining spaces feel special. They crafted a bright, lemon-themed dining room – both the fruit and color! It’s become a cheerful hub that draws visitors in. When dining is given its own niche, it feels celebratory. Open floor plans have their place, but distinct dining rooms encourage gathering and connection. Carve out a space designed just for breaking bread together. You’ll quickly see that dedicated dining rooms remain a timeless treasure.

5. Color Drench: Let’s Brighten Bathrooms Once Again

It’s time to say goodbye to boring white bathrooms! As jbdnco commented, colorful porcelain exudes retro charm that plain white lacks. Their original harvest gold tub and sink pop with cheer. Vibrant bathroom hues feel uplifting and add personality. Sure, white looks clean initially, but it shows grime and feels clinical. Bring joy back by embracing color! Add it through fixtures, tiles, rugs and accessories. You can even repurpose sentimental finds, like that groovy vintage tub. Don’t be afraid to make bathrooms fun again!

6. More Rooms Trump Oversized Master Suites

Huge master bedrooms are overrated, as hannahreads noted. Most don’t need an bedroom the size of an apartment! The space is wasted when you have minimal furnishings. What’s far more useful? Additional bathrooms and bedrooms.

With extra rooms, guests always have access without disrupting routines. Getting ready for a day out or winding down at night becomes smoother when bathrooms abound. Rethink giant master suites – that space could allow for more livable rooms. Give family and friends room to breathe (and bathe!) by opting for practical layouts over palatial primary bedrooms.

7. Tan Walls Deserve a Comeback Too

As one 42-year old in Oklahoma shared, tan walls are due for a revival. Grey may photograph well, but it dirties easily. And its popularity was fleeting – barely 15 years in some areas! Meanwhile, this reader’s Tuscan-inspired kitchen with tan walls exudes lasting warmth. Their husband insists the earthy, traditional palette will loop back in style.

Let’s re-embrace tan walls! Neutrals like light taupes complement any decor from traditional to modern. They feel natural yet brighten a space. Greys come and go, but tan endures. Repainting can wait – have faith, tan fans. The cozy, welcoming hue you love is destined for a comeback.

8. Let There Be Light: It’s Time to Bring Back Ceiling Fixtures

Many of us fondly remember homes with ceiling light fixtures controlled by wall switches. As chisti shared, those simple ceiling lights illuminate entire rooms with the flip of a switch. No guessing which random outlets work! Newer wired rooms feel like a frustrating puzzle.

Ceiling fixtures provide easy, reliable lighting for all. Plus, they allow for stunning chandeliers or vintage finds that spark conversation. Overhead lights feel comforting and nostalgic. While trendy bare-bulb pendants have their place, let’s revive the charm of ceiling fixtures. Bring on the bright idea of lighting made easy again!

9. Functional Chic: Built-Ins Offer Customized Storage and Style

It’s time to revive built-in features! From shelves to entertainment centers, built-ins seamlessly integrate storage into a home’s bones. As boidiva02 commented, these bespoke elements add character through their customized design.

A Maryland resident, now 33, fondly recalls built-in radios, toasters, and breadboxes growing up in a 1920s home. While basic, they worked reliably and kept necessities at the ready.

Built-ins represent the height of form meeting function. Their customized fit solves storage needs while offering opportunities for personal flair. Let’s re-embrace these architectural gems! Thoughtfully designed built-ins reduce clutter and add style through purposeful permanence.

10. Practicality Over Pretty: Questionable Laundry Room Trends

Fancy first floor laundry rooms are often wasteful, as saudade13 astutely observes. Unless a home is very large, why dedicate precious space to laundry alone? That real estate could allow a much-needed extra bathroom or closet.

With only one bath, a second offers relief from morning bottlenecks. And who needs elaborate cabinetry for minimal laundry supplies? As they note, clothes can be folded on beds or counters.

Let’s get practical with layouts again. Laundry rooms have their purpose, but secondary to extra baths or closets in modest homes. Does aesthetic really trump function if it means running upstairs mid-shower? Give families room to breathe and move by maximizing usable space.

11. Homespun Charm: Farmhouse Style Offers Warmth and Value

Farmhouse decor stands the test of time with its unfussy warmth. As a 40-year-old Californian commented, the light and airy farmhouse look pairs perfectly with older homes. Its casual elegance blends seamlessly with existing architecture to feel original to the space. Plus, achieving the style doesn’t have to be costly.

Farmhouse decor uses natural, tactile elements like wood and linen in an inviting mix of new and old. The look feels grounded yet uplifting. As trends come and go, farmhouse remains a comfy constant – a hygge haven promising coziness and community wherever it takes root. Doesn’t that sound like home?

12. Barn Door Bliss: Let’s Bring the Stables Home Again

For horse lovers, barn doors evoke happy stables and the serenity of the countryside. As a 26-year old Californian shared, sliding barn doors infuse homes with equestrian coziness. They conjure crisp morning rides and the earthy aroma of fresh hay.

With their rustic simplicity, barn doors create an entryway focal point while saving space. When open, they allow natural light to flow freely throughout the home. Barn doors slide effortlessly between rooms, softly separating spaces with their wholesome charm. It’s easy to see why they remain popular!

Let’s keep the barn door trend going strong. Their sliding functionality and rural chic are a win for animal lovers and design fans alike. Doesn’t a peek of the stables brighten any home?

13. Let Your Home Reflect Your Colorful Spirit

Muted grays leave many longing for vivid, lively spaces again. As morgandemkey commented, today’s subdued color schemes feel drab and uninspired. Where is the creativity? Interior design is an art form meant to reflect our imaginations.

It’s time to reinfuse homes with the hues that spark joy and make you smile. Don’t shy away from bright colors, striking patterns, and unique accents. Decorate with what invigorates your spirit! Surround yourself with color combinations that energize and inspire.

Make your home as vibrant as your dreams. Gray may provide a calm backdrop, but just a splash enlivens a room. Embrace rich tones and striking schemes. Let color make a bold statement again. Doesn’t your home deserve to reflect the rainbow within you?

14. Butter Up Your Mornings with Pancake Windows

Pancake windows delightfully harken back to the 50s through 70s, allowing homeowners to serve up smiles along with steaming stacks. As kjdombek playfully described, these charming pass-throughs connect kitchens to nearby dining and living spaces.

While not the most practical architectural feature, their novelty evokes fond memories of weekend family breakfasts. One can easily imagine popping freshly made pancakes through the window, eagerly greeting waiting loved ones. Doesn’t that warm your heart as much as syrup warms a pancake?

Let’s bring back these quirky portals perfect for passing pancakes or sharing laughs. Though narrow, pancake windows create openings for connection. And isn’t that what makes a house a home?

What whimsical touches make you nostalgic? Share your favorite flashback features below!

15. Take a Seat in Nostalgia with Wicker and Brass

As one 40-year-old commented, the ’80s are roaring back into interior design. To fully capture that tubular decade’s spirit, wicker and brass furniture deserve revival.

Picture sinking into a cozy wicker chair with brass accents gleaming in the sunset streaming through wooden blinds. Doesn’t that transport you straight to a carefree summer night decades ago? Wicker’s earthy texture and brass’s glinting warmth effortlessly create a nostalgic sanctuary.

Beyond the sentimental factor, wicker withstands weather and wear over years of use. Coupled with solid brass, it promises quality craftsmanship that ages gracefully. While trends fade, wicker and brass furniture stands the test of time.

So come take a seat on this blast from the past! Indulge your craving for an ’80s aesthetic or just surround yourself with pieces that inspire joy and comfort. Wicker and brass deliver on both counts.

What pieces spark nostalgia for you? Share your retro decor loves below!

16. Reclaim Private Luxury with Wood Paneling’s Cozy Charm

As a 48-year-old Texan explained, quality wood paneling deserves a comeback – especially in intimate dens. Nothing beats mahogany’s rich glow or walnut’s organic warmth enveloping a room. Pair wood walls with large windows, built-ins and retro touches like conversation pits. Bliss!

Wood paneling creates a refined yet welcoming vibe perfect for unwinding with a book. Its graceful longevity provides sanctuary from frenzied open concept homes. Defined spaces allow guests privacy and owners peace.

Let’s revive the gracious living wood paneling offers. Its luster and legacy outclass ascetic chic. Surround yourself in nature’s sublime beauty cut into dignified planks full of character. Hardwood havens represent attainable luxury – just add leather chairs and scotch. Here’s to reclaiming intimate, inviting spaces!

17. Front Porches: Where Community is Built One Rocking Chair at a Time

Front porches hold a special place in many hearts. As a 50-year-old from Pennsylvania shared, decorating and relaxing on the front porch enables serendipitous neighborly connections. Chatting over lemonade or comparing gardening notes – front porches facilitate easy mingling.

An anonymous American also highlighted porches as integral to community building. Unlike private back patios, front porches welcome friendly faces. Rocking chairs lined up in a row, lemonade pitcher sweating on the side table – such vignettes exude nostalgia for simpler times when neighborhoods nurtured relationships.

Let’s revive the lost art of porch sitting! These transitional spaces connect us to nature and each other. Front porches exemplify slowing down and savoring the moment. Doesn’t summer twilight feel more magical when shared? Reclaim community one rocking chair at a time. You may just gain a lifelong friend along the way.

What spaces foster meaningful connections in your life? Discuss below!

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