Choosing the best exterior paint colors for your mobile home is an important decision. It can enhance your home’s look and style. The right color scheme can make a mobile home look crisp, polished, and welcoming. When picking mobile home colors, there are several key factors to consider.

When selecting exterior paint colors for your mobile home, it’s important to consider the climate, architectural style, your desired aesthetic, and any community regulations. Coordinate with your interior decor, use accent colors strategically, and hire a professional painter for best results. Choose colors that enhance your mobile home’s personality and style.

Elements to Consider When Selecting Mobile Home Exterior Paint Colors

Stylish mobile home with red door, teal shutters in scenic mountain setting.

Location and climate – Choose dark, saturated colors if you live in a shady northern climate. Choose lighter, more reflective shades for hot southern climates. Cool tones like blues and greens work well in lush natural landscapes. Warm neutrals complement arid desert scenery.

Size and style – Smaller mobile homes can support bolder colors. Larger homes look best in muted, neutral hues. Consider your mobile home’s architecture too. Modern geometric styles pair well with sleek grays. Country cottages look lovely in deeper reds and blues.

Desired aesthetic – Do you want your home to make a vibrant statement with bright, punchy colors? Or prefer a more subtle, refined look with muted neutral shades? Decide the mood you want to set.

Coordination with home decor – Choose exterior colors that complement your interior color schemes and decor style. This creates a cohesive look. Keep your furnishings and window treatments in mind.

Reflecting personality – Let your color choices reflect your lifestyle and personality. Prefer low-maintenance and simplicity? Opt for easy neutrals. Love bold self-expression? Pick vivid colors.

Curb appeal – Complementary color combinations that appeal in your area can help your mobile home stand out attractively.

Following guidelines – Many mobile home communities have rules about home exteriors. Make sure your colors conform to regulations.

When picking outside colors for your mobile home, think about several things. Consider the weather and place where you live. Also think about the size and look of your home.

Decide the mood you want to create. Make sure the colors match the inside. Pick colors that show your personality. Choose colors that make your home look good from the street.

Follow any rules from your community. Looking at all these factors will help you pick the best colors for your mobile home’s look and surroundings.

Most Popular Mobile Home Exterior Color Schemes

Modern mobile home with bright red door and teal shutters nestled in lush greenery.

Neutrals – Sophisticated grays, whites, and beiges never go out of style. They’re easy to match with different trims and accents.

Earth tones – Rich browns, greens, and tans pair nicely with natural landscaping. Avoid going too dark though, which can look dated.

Pastels – Soft, muted blues, yellows, and pinks give a gentle, welcoming look. Use brighter pastels for a bolder effect.

Primaries – Vivid red, blue, and yellow make a cheerful, playful statement. Use sparingly to avoid overwhelming.

Eclectic – Go bold with an energetic mix of bright contrasting colors. Keep different elements coordinated.

Common mobile home colors include versatile neutrals and warm natural earth tones. Cheery pastels, bright primary colors, and eclectic mixes are also popular.

Mobile homes often have sleek monochromatic designs. They also have neutral bases with colorful accents. Consider the aesthetic mood, contrast level, and visual harmony you want to achieve. Select schemes that enhance and suit the home’s style and surroundings.

Paint Color Combination Tips for Mobile Homes

  • Main and accent colors – Choose a dominant main color with brighter accents on trims, doors and skirting.
  • Coordinate palettes – Pull accent colors from the same color family as main color for cohesion.
  • 60-30-10 rule – 60% dominant color, 30% secondary, 10% accent colors works well.
  • Roof coloring – Consider hues that complement your roof for balanced appeal.
  • Test colors – Paint sample patches to visualize combinations on your actual home before full commitment.

Choose a dominant main color. Complement it with brighter accent shades to create visual interest. Coordinate colors from the same palette. Follow the 60-30-10 ratio guideline. Ensure the scheme works with the roof.

Test samples to perfect contrast levels and placement. Thoughtful color coordination makes mobile homes more appealing.

Painting Mobile Home Skirting, Shutters and Doors

Chic mobile home with red door and blue accents in a tropical landscape with palm trees.

These elements provide opportunities to add visual interest:

  • Match vs. contrast – You can match skirting/shutters to main color or use them to showcase accent shades.
  • Complementary accents – For example, a blue home with yellow shutters and red door is vibrant yet balanced.
  • Focal point door – Paint your front door a bright, welcoming color to attract attention.

Strategically paint trims, skirting, and doors in colors that match or complement the main exterior color. This is an impactful way to enhance curb appeal. Use accents to create focal points.

Test colors first to ensure coordination. Also, check community rules. Use thoughtful color combinations on accent elements. You can give your mobile home exterior visual interest and a polished, complete look.

Hiring a Professional Mobile Home Painter

Exterior home painting can be difficult for DIYers to get right:

  • Proper prep and paint – Professionals will thoroughly clean, scrape, sand, prime, caulk, and seal before painting.
  • Right tools – Painters have specialized sprayers, lifts, and ladders to access tricky mobile home surfaces.
  • Expertise – They understand how to use color, deal with problem areas, and get clean, even coverage.
  • References – Always get references from past clients before hiring a company.
  • Warranty – Most professional painters offer a warranty on their work.

Professional mobile home painters have the skills, tools, and experience to properly prepare surfaces. They can achieve a flawless, durable paint finish.

Check references, compare detailed quotes, and secure a comprehensive contract with warranty included. Their expertise in color selection, prep work, efficient painting, dealing with problems, and cleanup makes hiring a pro worth the investment. This ensures optimal results when painting a mobile home exterior.

Mobile Home Colors Prices

The average cost of exterior paint for a mobile home is not clearly stated. However, here is a summary of the related pricing information:

This source gives an interior paint cost range of $900-$2,000 depending on the mobile home’s condition. Does not provide exterior pricing.

Remodeling Expense breaks down costs for painting a mobile home. The total material cost range is $540-$1,200. The total project cost range is $2,700-$6,600 with an average cost per square foot of $2.38-$5.15. This likely includes both interior and exterior painting.

Home Guide states that repainting a mobile home or townhouse exterior costs $1-$4 per square foot on average. Total costs range from $750-$4,300.

Improovy focuses on house painting costs, not specifically mobile homes. Mentions an average exterior painting cost of $3.03 per square foot.

This source provides exterior painting cost ranges for homes in Sarasota County, Florida. The ranges are between $1,063 and $4,835. Unclear if this includes mobile homes.

The sources do not provide a definitive average cost for painting the exterior of mobile homes. Based on the available data, a reasonable estimate would be $1-$4 per square foot as stated in the source. Total project costs might range from $750 on the low end to $4,300 or more on the high end.

The exact cost will vary significantly. It depends on the mobile home’s size, condition, location, and other specific factors. More details would be needed to calculate a more precise average.

Key Takeaways for Picking Mobile Home Colors

  • Consider your home’s location, size, style, and decor when selecting colors.
  • Review popular palettes like neutrals, bold primaries, or soft pastels.
  • Use the 60-30-10 rule to pick complementary main and accent shades.
  • Hire a professional painter for optimal prep work and paint application.
  • Choose colors that enhance your mobile home’s unique personality and beauty!

With some thoughtful planning and color coordination, you can give your mobile home exterior an eye-catching updated look. This will boost your pride and enjoyment of your home.

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