Interested in setting up a minimalist room decor? It’s not as daunting as it sounds. Here’s how I became more of a minimalist and steps towards organizing a minimalist room.

Are you happy with your bedroom’s color scheme, furniture, and major accessories, yet you still feel like your room lacks that certain something? Sometimes, the basic décor of a room is fine, but it feels like just that – basic. If you want to spice up your bedroom’s style but aren’t looking for a major redo – or major attack on your bank account – then consider one or more of the following minimal room decor. Each is a small touch, but as the saying goes, “Sometimes it’s the little things that count most.”

When it comes to the bedroom, the necessities are pretty simple: a comfortable bed, good quality bedding, a dresser to hold your clothing and you might consider other items such as rolling bar carts, and enough lighting to keep you from stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom.

Planning a makeover of your room decor? Check out these minimal room decor to find some inspiration for decorating your own minimalist room!

Minimalist Room Decorating Ideas

Sometimes, all your bedroom needs is a new accent or two to freshen up its style and give the entire room a brand-new appearance. But today’s budgets tend to be tight, and minimal room decor ideas aren’t often at the top of the necessity list. Still, you can find great deals if you know where to look. For example, here is a range of great minimal room decor that will help keep you on track and on budget when putting your bedroom together. So go ahead and buy something new. At these prices, it hardly counts as a splurge.

Tips & Tricks: Light it Right

Modern Minimalist Standing Lamp
Image credits: Minimal Decors

Even the cutest bedroom furniture and bedding lose some shine if illuminated only by a boring ceiling fixture. One of the quickest ways to bring your room out of the doldrums and into the 21st century is with a brand new light fixture.

This Modern Minimalist Standing Lamp shown here has essential features in a modern style that is perfect for a cottage, country, or coastal bedroom. If that’s not your look, you can find many other styles of bedside tables at Minimal Decors.

It’s the Little Things: Warm Up the Floor

It's the Little Things: Warm Up the Floor
Image source:

Give your bare feet a treat on those cold winter mornings with thick wool floor rugs. It’s an easy way to pamper yourself while adding a hefty dose of interesting texture to your room decor.

When choosing an area rug for a small bedroom, look for a rug large enough to fit your entire bed plus nightstands, with at least a foot of the rug extending out in each direction.

Look for a beauty like the Fluffy Fur Shaggy Carpet shown here. It comes in eight different colors and a wide range of sizes. This faux fur rug is very soft and comfy and works beautifully with just about any decorating theme.

Throw Pillows

Minimalist Room Decor Ideas - Throw Pillows

If you want your bed to have Pinterest-worthy style, you need at least a few throw pillows to add a dash of color and pattern to the mix. Regardless of your decorating style– modern, traditional, cottage, or eclectic– if your bed looks dull, throw a few colorful and trendy throw pillows in front of your bed pillows, and voila, you’ve added some character. Not only that, throw pillows or accent pillows are like bling for the entire bedroom; they add the finishing touch that transforms your room from sleeping quarters into “This is where I LIVE.”

Sunburst Mirror

Minimalist Room Decor Ideas - Sunburst Mirror

Looking for just the right accent to hang above your bed, dresser, or vanity? Look no further than one of-the-moment gold sunburst mirror if you prefer another style, another metal, or another size, no worries. You can find many different designs at local home furnishings shops or online at any website selling home goods.

Upholstered Headboard

Minimal Room Decor Ideas - Upholstered Headboard

Think you can’t afford a stylish upholstered headboard? Think again. The gorgeous headboard comes in gray, linen, or beige and is guaranteed to add an instant upgrade to your bedroom. Headboards can be expensive, but you can find others at bargain prices if you take the time to look around.


Abstract Golden Leaf Poster

There’s no need for empty walls when there are so many fine art prints in the world, many available at very affordable prices. At, you’ll find a seemingly endless selection of prints, most available in several different sizes and with multiple framing options. The glorious floral abstract shown here is called Abstract Golden Leaf Poster and would be just the touch hanging above a bed or dresser.


Minimalist Room Decor Ideas - Bench

As long as you have the room, a bench is so much more practical – and decorative – than a regular footboard. It’s a handy spot to sit and pull on your shoes in the morning or pile your throw pillows when you get into bed at night. A brown leather-covered ottoman bench is perfect for just about any decorating style, but you can find upholstered benches, wooden benches, or metal designs in stores.

Jewelry Box

Minimal Room Decor - Jewelry Box

Why leave your jewelry scattered across your dresser top when you can store it in a gorgeous mirrored box instead? Jewelry boxes have plenty of space for all of your bling and add a glamorous touch to your room. If the mirror is too much sparkle for your tastes, check out shops for a wide range of wooden boxes.

Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and Succulents

Houseplants are never out of fashion, but with the trend towards natural elements and holistic living, they are more popular than ever. What’s new in 2021 is the choice of greenery, however: From table groupings of small pots to large-scale floor planters, look for ferns, succulents, and cacti.


Candles add tons of warmth and ambiance

Candles add tons of warmth and ambiance to a room. Although LED versions are safer for homes with children, nothing beats the flickering glow of the real thing. In the absence of a fireplace, candles with wooden wicks are a nice substitute. While they burn, giving you that fireside feeling even in rooms without a hearth.

For an extra dose of homeyness, appeal to one of your other senses by trying a subtly scented candle.

Freshen Up with These Easy Minimalist Decorating Ideas

You don’t need a grand plan and a lot of money to freshen up your home. Sometimes all it takes is a really simple change or addition. Read on to learn some really easy minimal decorating ideas that will help you get the simple change you need.

Easy Minimalist Decorating Ideas
  • Make a slipcover for your headboard. If your existing headboard is simple and neutral, try something with a wild pattern or bright color.
  • Move all of your area rugs to different rooms. Switch the living room rug for the bedroom, the office for the family room, etc. It will give every room a fresh new look.
  • Buy a roll of beautiful wallpaper and attach dowels to the top and bottom. Hang it on the wall using a piece of pretty ribbon.
  • Paint isn’t just for walls and furniture. Look for beat-up accessories at vintage stores and garage sales that can be freshened up with a coat of paint.
  • Switch out your heavy curtains for something light in color and fabric.
  • Fill a vase with some large-headed flowers such as peonies. They’re easy to arrange, and you only need a few to fill a vase.
  • Turn the old teacups your grandmother gave you (that you never use) into candles.
  • Use a wall stencil to paint a fun design on the inside of a closet. You’ll get a bold surprise every time you open it up.
  • When decorating the top of a surface like a sideboard or coffee table, include a few different types of items – especially in groups of three.
  • Get rid of your heavy coffee table and put two small side tables in its place.
  • Purchase a bunch of inexpensive mirrors in a variety of frames and then paint all the frames the same color and hang them together on a wall.
  • Replace the foam inserts of your cushions with down and feather inserts. They’ll both feel and look better.
  • Create a feature wall in your living room or bedroom.
  • Fill a clear vase with a seasonal element. In the summer, it could be seashells, in the fall pinecones – look to nature to inspire you.
  • Rearrange your bedroom furniture. If you have a large window, try putting your bed in front of it.
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