Deciding how to decorate your bathroom can feel like a huge task. A bathroom is supposed to feel like an escape, a place where you can relax and peacefully remove all your troubles from the day. But, that can sometimes make choosing bathroom decor difficult. One of the many decor styles is minimalist. Minimalist styles maximize efficiency by operating on the “less is more” mantra. A bathroom decor scheme that uses minimalism ultimately strives to feel clutter-free. Here are some ideas you can use to make your bathroom feel minimalist!

Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas
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  1. Use neutral colors. Neutrals are important in minimalism. Choose white cabinets for your bathroom, and focus on incorporating color in accents, such as hand towels. Neutrals help you build unique patterns and color schemes, plus they can be used across multiple seasons without feeling out of style. Your bathroom should read peaceful, and neutrals help with that. In fact, color is known to impact people’s emotions. To avoid turning your bathroom into a stressful zone, avoid colors such as red or shades of neon. Instead, look for calming blues and greens for when you need a pop of color. Gray is a great neutral that works well with a variety of other colors so you can easily use it in abundance in your bathroom. 
  2. Choose simple patterns. Try to avoid busy patterns. Instead, simple stripes or repeating shapes are best in a minimalist bathroom design. Use patterns in the shower curtain or bathroom rug instead of on the walls. You should also avoid placing wallpaper in the bathroom since the moisture might cause mold or mildew to build up. Simple patterns in your bathroom will make the space feel less cluttered, too. When you try to have too much going on, it can really make the space feel small. If you live in a rental or have a home with a small bathroom (and you aren’t looking to do any large home renovations any time soon), then you need to do all you can to make the space feel larger. Avoiding busy patterns is the perfect way to do that!
  3. Install a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets hide shelves behind a mirror. And, while they had gone out of style for a while, medicine cabinets are now a great opportunity for you to maximize your storage space without making your bathroom feel cluttered. You can find medicine cabinets at antique stores, or you can special order one. Some even come without a frame, so it looks as though your mirror is flush against the wall. Consider cutting a hole in your wall to allow the medicine cabinet to sit inside the wall so it becomes a hidden feature. No one will even be able to tell that you have one!
    How do you make a minimalist bathroom?
  4. Bathroom Vanities. Bathroom vanities are an essential element of any bathroom. They not only serve as a practical solution for storing bathroom essentials such as towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies but also provide a focal point in the room. When it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity, one option worth considering is Ove Decors vanities. This brand offers a range of stylish and functional bathroom vanities that can add both form and function to your bathroom.
  5. Combine the tub and shower. Instead of separating the tub and shower, consider combining them. Then, the corner space you would’ve used for the shower can become storage. Add some shelves to use for extra towels, cleaning supplies, or medicines. Alternatively, you could turn it into an extra vanity! Not all bathrooms are large enough for a vanity and sink, but if you increase the square footage of your bathroom by removing the shower and combining it with the tub, then you can easily put in a vanity for your bathroom. Consider ordering custom bathroom cabinets to achieve your specific needs. Whether you’d prefer multiple drawers or a singular cabinet door, your bathroom cabinets should match your needs. 
  6. Look upwards. Find ways to add storage up top, such as by using floating shelves. Adding shelves above your toilet, next to your shower or even on the wall behind your bathroom door can allow you to remove things from the floor or even clear up space in your bathroom. It also makes your bathroom feel taller. That’s essential for bathrooms that are small and need to maximize as much space as possible. 
  7. Tile above the shower. If your bathtub walls don’t reach the ceiling, tile the space between the top of the tub and shower to really make the space feel taller. In a minimalist bathroom, this is the one space you can show some expressive creativity. Use a fun pattern to draw people’s eyes upwards, which is perfect for smaller bathrooms. If you’ve kept everything else in your bathroom simple, the tile above the tub is one of the ways you can add a pop of color or pattern and not make the space feel crowded or overwhelming.
    Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas: Tile above the shower
  8. Use baskets and organizers. But, use them sparingly. While hiding away bottles and bathroom items is essential to making your bathroom feel clutter-free, you don’t want to overdo it. Place an organizer on the back of your toilet and place one on top of the bathroom sink, but don’t place a bunch on the top of your bathroom counter. You’ll basically achieve the opposite effect, instead of making your counters feel disorganized and cluttered. Definitely not minimalist!
  9. Make the hardware and fixtures simple, too. If you’re using simple patterns and a neutral color scheme, you should also keep your hardware and fixtures simple, too. Focus on finding hardware that complements your decor. If you’ve opted for all white tiles, cabinets, and appliances, consider using black fixtures. You could also use gold for a pop of color. However, try not to vary the color of the fixture too much. For bathroom designs that want to elicit a vintage feel, brass and copper are great metals to choose from for your bathroom.
  10. Upgrade your linens. Sure, you might have a favorite towel that you’ve been using for years, but linens that aren’t in good condition can make a bathroom look drab and old rather than minimalist. Minimalism doesn’t always mean that having a small amount of things is best. It means that having a decent amount of the best quality items is what’s most important. Invest in quality linens for your bathroom so that it can feel like a luxurious experience, regardless of what you use to decorate.
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