Whether you are planning to add a new bathroom to your house or you want to beautify the current one you have, you need to think bigger than anything else. A bathroom always has the standard three things; A sink, a toilet, and a bath or shower. 

Some bathrooms are lucky enough to have both a bath and a shower, but if you just have the one you’re going to save money on plumbing repairs. One of the most popular and most remodelled rooms in the home is the bathroom, because it’s a high traffic area and we all know that it’s a sanctuary for most. It’s where you go to relax and enjoy a bubble bath, and it’s where you go for a little bit of solace when you need the toilet! So, if you want your bathroom to be beautiful, take these ideas on board.

  • Bring a little nature to the space. You might not think that having vases of flowers is a good idea in a bathroom, but it really is. Indoor plants in the bathroom are not just a lovely visual, they help to create softness to the space while adding pops of colour. If you don’t have much space, consider adding climbing plants to the walls or the ceiling. If you’re nervous about moisture, get plastic plants because then you’ll get all of the look without any of the upkeep.
  • Don’t forget the glass. Bathrooms need to feel larger because generally these are quite small spaces. If you want to make a statement and add some elegant decor, think about how glass can help. Customised mirrors, a shower screen that’s pure glass, and the reflective surface of glass near lights can really create that bright ambience that you’re looking for.
  • Be smart about your lighting choices. Nobody likes to see themselves under the cold harsh lighting of a bathroom. Those fluorescent strips do nothing for your skin tone or your pallor. Instead of having strip lighting, consider LED spotlights. Not only will they use up to 75% less energy than regular light bulbs, they last longer and you can add proper lighting. You could even add up lighting along the edge of the bath or around the bathroom mirror for that showgirl feel.
  • Upgrade the vanity. You can do this by ripping it out and then replacing it with a new one, or painting the one you’ve got. Painting an old bathroom vanity will help it to look like new in no time at all and it gives you that stunning transformation you’ve been looking for. It might be a safe bet to choose white vanity choices, but why not go black and make it more fun and exciting?
  • Get creative with artwork. Artwork has a place in the bathroom, and whether you want to add framed photos or paintings, or you want to make your statement piece the radiator on the wall, you can really make the space beautiful and transformative when you add art. There are plenty of affordable and second hand pictures and frames out there in charity shops that you can make sure will make your bathroom pop.

Your bathroom is a space that is worth upgrading if you have the money, so make this the next room that you do in your home.

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