Are you bored of your living room décor?

It is frustrating when rooms that we have designed to be a relaxing haven start to lose their charm. Everyday wear-and-tear, fading paint, or simply a change of taste can have us desperate to revamp our living space. And, as this is where we spend our precious moments of peace, it is vital that the room invites us to rest and relax.

Wondering where to start with your redecoration project? Take a look at these four living room styles and how to achieve them, and see if any designs catch your eye.


Classic Living Room

A classic living room style is deliberately timeless. The design is built around your personal taste, telling the story of who you are without trying to confirm to trends or one particular style. Sticking to a neutral color scheme and furniture with clean lines as the foundation of your design is the best way to ensure that the room does not date. You can bring in trendy accents in your décor, such as choosing lamp shades in a funky design and adding vibrant patterned cushions and rugs.


Rustic Living Room

For a more traditional design that emphasizes coziness and comfort, go for a rustic living room. Furniture crafted from rich wood such as oak works well to bring warmth, and a rough-cut style reflects the natural, lived-in look that underpins rustic design. Find other ways to bring the outdoors indoors, whether through floral patterns or coarse textiles reminiscent of wool and woven grass. Raw finishes and soft furnishings combine to create a laidback, inviting space.


Industrial Living Room

In stark contrast to rustic is industrial. Where rustic turns to nature to create a welcoming atmosphere, industrial designs use exposed walls, metal piping, and polished stone floors to celebrate the raw building materials of the home. Dark walls juxtaposed against feature overhead lighting is a must to create an industrial mood, with a monochrome color scheme for your furnishings.


Minimalist Living Room

Are you someone who finds serenity in white walls, clean lines, and as little clutter as possible? A minimalist living room design with pared-back décor is probably the best idea for you. For the base of your design, choose a neutral color palette with some blush or earthy tones to stop it being too clinical. Furnishings should be neat rather than bulky in a shade that compliments the walls and floor. Avoid adding too many decorations – try to focus on one or two feature pieces, such as a statement painting or large rug. The essence of minimalist design lies in removing anything that is unnecessary.

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