In general, the living room is a space that is associated with rest, entertainment, and meetings with friends or family. It is a room that often serves as the focal point of the home, so architects will place it in a strategic location.

Usually, the decor and layout of a living room focus on comfort and conviviality. Of course, everyone has their own definition of what that is, so you end up with a wide variety of aesthetic styles.

If you’re planning to change the style of your living room soon and need ideas on how to create a room that meets your needs, here are some best collected beautiful living room ideas and you’ll definitely like to try them for your living room.

1. Playing the monochrome card

There are different colors for different vibes that you’re wishing for your living room. For example, for warmth, colors like orange, pink, brown, etc, and for a calm atmosphere, you can opt for shades like blue, greys, lilacs, etc.

However, blue is a soothing color that goes perfectly with all colors. You can go for a modern and trendy look by opting for blue shades in the living room.

2. Try a wallpaper on the ceiling

Divert the classic use of wallpaper by hanging it on the ceiling to enlarge the space and discretely bring a special atmosphere and a touch of fantasy to the living room.

It goes well with the crafty ones and varied designs are available from botanical to geometric patterns.

3. Opt for lots of plants

Arrange a multitude of indoor plants throughout the room. There are various plants like fiddle leaf fig, kentia palm, golden petra, dragon tree, silver evergreen, and many more that can be placed in the living room for a different touch.

4. Accumulate the frames on the wall

Dress up the walls of the living room by placing many frames on the wall where the sofa is installed. For a successful style, stay in the same shades.

You can also make patterns using a number of frames on one of the walls.

5. Succumb to the Berber carpet to warm the ground

Indispensable in the interiors, the Berber carpet has become essential in a living room. People love it for its ethnic, traditional, and trendy side and adopt it every time.

For a big area, light-colored carpets will be fine and for a small area, you should place dark-colored carpets in your living room.

If you want to add carpets to your living room then just for your information, in India carpet weaving started in the 16th century, and ExFrO is one of the leading carpet exporters in India.

6. Playing the mix-and-match card

Dare to mix and match the colors and materials in the living room. Your living room will look like no other!

For this, you can try different but complementary colors for cushions, sofas, or room size carpet.

While doing this, you should keep in mind that the mix and match don’t go off-beat but be coherent with the other furniture and colors.

7. Clear the openings to let in the light

For maximum natural light, do not put any furniture or sofa in front of an opening (window, bay window, etc.). You can place your coffee table or small plants there so that you and your children can be in the sunlight relaxing for some time.

8. Install a low suspension

To spice up the decor of the living room, let yourself be tempted by a very large pendant light installed low enough for a guaranteed wow effect!

The suspension, in the living room, often aims to illuminate an armchair or a corner of the room. You should always keep this in mind and place it 30-40 centimeters above the area to be illuminated.

Therefore it is ideal for illuminating a living room with high ceilings. And in these large-volume rooms, the lighting they are given is essential to create a beautiful warm atmosphere.

9. Buy a wicker chair

Adopt the cozy style for the living room by buying a wicker or rattan armchair to decorate the living room.

For the living room, under the veranda, in the garden, and even around the dining room table, choose from the wide range of wicker furniture and fall for this very designer natural fiber seat, which has become a timeless part of interior decoration.

10. Fill up on colors

Colors very well express our personality. So, filling your living room with different colors will add to the positivity of the area.

Yellow, green, blue… Don’t be afraid to mix these three colors for a successful living room decor for sure! Also, you can add bold art to your living room.

11. Choose tactile materials

Choose furniture with different textures such as decorative cushions, soft blankets, and pile wool rugs, and decorate your living room decor with many original candlesticks and vases.

12. Try different sofa styles

  • COMBINE A POWDER PINK SOFA WITH AN EXOTIC ATMOSPHERE- Bring the exotic style into your living room by dressing a wall of wallpaper with palm trees. Then opt for a large corner sofa in powder pink fabric and add many small cushions with tropical motifs.
  • SUCCUMB TO THE LINEN SOFA- Linen invites itself into our living rooms! Soft, easy to maintain, and delicate, this 100% natural material dresses sofas and armchairs with style.
  • SET YOUR SIGHTS ON A GREEN SOFA- Let yourself be seduced by a green bean bag sofa. It is an original and interesting touch to bring to a living room like a living room. Green sofas easily match light or dark furniture according to individual tastes.
  • MISMATCH THE CUSHIONS TO ADD PEP TO THE SOFA- On a plain sofa, add lots of mismatched cushions for an out-of-this-world style.

Fill up on inspiration with our amazing living room of different styles and decorative ideas. Just make your choice and turn your living room into a more pleasant and lovely place.

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