There are times when a home needs an upgrade. New owners might move in and realise that there is plenty of work required to match the style and standards of comfort that they require, or perhaps the old systems and amenities begin to creak with age, a bit like the human body!

While some might fancy turning their hand to a bit of home décor or heading to the stores to buy new furnishings, a vital component in creating optimum comfort is getting the temperatures consistently right around the home. That is why purchasing a ducted air conditioning system is guaranteed to be a winner, especially when bought from Australia’s leading team in the sector.

  • It is simply the perfect whole-home solution, especially when coming with a 5-year parts and labour warranty. The single system is easy to operate and can allow different temperatures to be set in each room when activating using optional zone control. It has massive benefits which will make everyone happy while looking after finances at the same time.
  • Because each room can be set to a different temperature, or not used at all, it means that savings are made through its energy efficiency, while the quiet system allows total relaxation while watching TV or simply unwinding. Other improvements might also be made at the same time through home renovations that embrace the cold season.
  • The ducted air conditioning system is concealed in the ceiling so that it doesn’t take up space. It’s equally distributed air through the network of ducts in the ceiling that either cools or heats the individual rooms or the whole house, while its discreet design guarantees it does not affect the style of a room. The only sign of the system or the vents where the air is sent through.
  • There is no wastage of energy when setting temperatures in individual rooms. It is perfect for when a youngster might be going to bed, but the rest of the house doesn’t want the same temperature.
  • The reduction in noise offered by ducted systems is a reason for its popularity, with the single required unit being placed outdoors in a lesser-used part of the house. They are known to offer greater longevity than conventional air conditioning solutions, offering further value for money, especially with a high-level support and in-house customer care and technical support department coming as part of the purchase. The right temperatures will soon be sent through the home after a visit to a local nature park.
  • The systems can even be zoned to different floors of a multi-storey home, and with a wide range of models being available from Australia’s most trusted air conditioning brand, there is something to suit all properties. A percentage of sales is given to charity which is another good reason to choose the brand.

Any home will benefit from the installation of a ducted air conditioning system, for energy savings and to create the right temperature in every room from a single unit.

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