Bedroom striped décor is one of the most stylish options to consider among a variety of choices that can be made, as you can design your bedroom the way you would feel comfortable and relaxed. Decorating the bedroom with a beautiful thing and bold stripes will add stylish attire to the entire room. You can design your bedroom with some of these modern ideas that are listed below to make it look simple and appealing.

Modern Striped Vases

striped flower vase
Beautiful striped flower vase.

This is a modern bedroom décor with stylish striped glass vases by the side of the bed, which perfectly matches the pillow with similar black and white stripes. Also, the hat by the foot of the bed makes it look unique and stylish.

Black Striped Curtains

black striped curtain

Black and white bold horizontal striped curtains with orange edges make the color combination look trendy and attractive. Though the room looks very simple, the curtain makes it look attractive in front of the light-colored wall shade.

Striped Blanket Wall Art

Striped blanket wall art
Blanket wall art.

This is a DIY wall art where a colorfully striped blanket is hung on the wall with the help of curtain rods above the storage space, making the dull grey wall look bright and attractive with the colorful and bold stripes on the blanket.

Grey Striped Walls

bold striped wall

Look at these grey-striped walls along with a grey-colored matching lampshade and a large thick-framed mirror making the entire wall look very pretty. This kind of designed wall adds attraction even to the simple rooms and makes them look unique.

Cute Pink Lampshade

lovely pink lampshade

A beautiful white bedroom with lovely pink accents makes it perfect for a girl’s bedroom as girls are usually fond of the color pink. The cute cushions on the bed that are printed in pink along with the pink striped lampshade on either side of the bed add more cuteness to the entire room.

Colorful Rainbow Bedding Set

rainbow striped bedding set

If you haven’t got a bedroom with all these kinds of interior accents, you can still bring the charm of stripes with the colorful stripes on the bedding set. The multiple color lines in a pure white room, along with breezy blue curtains, make it look amazing.

Striped Headboard

striped headboard

This is a unique upholstered headboard with colorful, bold stripes on it, making the entire bed look unique.

Colorful Carpet

stylish striped carpet

You can add more vibrancy to the entire room by adding bright and colorful carpets to make it look rich and complete.

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