A courtyard is one of the most important spaces in a home. If you design it well, it can amplify the overall look of your home. To help you with it, this article has 7 design ideas for courtyards.

1. Green courtyard design

Green adds a unique touch to any kind of courtyard design. Start by creating an oasis inside your house with your favorite plants.

If you don’t like green too much, plant one big tree. It will be the main point of attraction. You can also experiment with a green wall for a new look.

In case you like flowers, include a botanical-designed rug and a stone bench with them to enhance the beauty.

If you have a big space, build a tiny pond and plant a tree near it. Add pebbles on the side of the pond to create a natural look.

2. Fancy courtyard design

Half of the job is already done if you have an open skylight. This type of courtyard design is extremely similar to the french courtyard style. You will find lots of symmetrical shapes with defined spaces in this design.

You can add a splash of cool colors and natural elements like stones, wood, etc. The flooring should be gravel-filled. Be sure to manicure the plants frequently to maintain a clean appearance.

A coffee table with U-shaped chairs goes perfectly with this design. Don’t forget to add pendant lights to finish the look. You can shop pendant lights online or even look for them in offline stores.

3. Graceful courtyard design

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy the wild beauty of nature but likes trees and flowers, then this courtyard design is perfect for you. Fill the area with colorful flowers and plants. Add a fountain in the middle, and the design is complete.

Trust me; your guests will never get enough of this charming courtyard.

4. Open courtyard design

If you love minimalistic designs and prefer functionality over meaningless decorations, you might like the open courtyard design.

For this design, you must have a glass door. It is the heart of the open courtyard design.

Add a raw-cut wooden table and barbecue setup on top of the green floor, and voila, your courtyard is ready.

If you want to include plants, one or two trees are enough. Avoid green walls, as too much green, can kill the vibe.

In case you have a low budget, park-style benches in the middle area of the courtyard will do the job. You can also decorate the space with scented candles to complete the look.

5. Soothing Courtyard design

After a hectic day, who doesn’t like to spend some time alone in a soothing and calm courtyard? All the above-mentioned designs had a touch of nature, but they are more for partying, spending alone time, etc. This particular design is for spiritual people.

Paint the surroundings either with white color or with nude shades. Place a banyan tree in the central zone and build a platform revolving around the tree. You can add a sculpture of Buddha to make the ambiance more peaceful.

If your budget is high, include a water body. The sound of water will increase your focus level.

6. Vintage Courtyard design

If you are a fan of vintage styles, this might be your dream courtyard design. This design generally includes sea green colored ceramic wall tiles, wall sconces, potted plants, and cane furniture. If you enjoy drinking occasionally, you can place a modular bar cabinet.

Add a swing set in the courtyard to spend your lousy day on it.

7. Modern courtyard design

This design comes with a twist. First, you have to add a pool and connect your courtyard with a bridge. Then, you can either build it in the middle area or on the side.

As you slowly walk over the bridge, you will see the scenic beauty of your courtyard. My suggestion doesn’t to go with this if you don’t have a high budget because the bridge is often cost-heavy.

Over to you…

Now that you know all about the latest designs make your pick and start building. Always add a personalized touch to your selected design to create a customized appearance.

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