The end of tenancy cleaning is an important task for both landlords and tenants. A lot of tasks are included in this type of cleaning, yet a lot of people tend to miss some of them. Carpet cleaning is one of the cleaning jobs that are extremely important yet easily overlooked. When expecting a new tenant, you must welcome them in a beautiful, immaculate place, especially because they will have to return it in the same condition later. If you are not sure of what to carry out as part of the tenancy cleaning, create a list of activities (or find one online). That way, you may rest assured that everything has been completed.

Why is carpet cleaning so important?

The first, and most obvious reason, is the general looks of the carpet/upholstery, hence the entire property. A stained carpet will cause the entire home to look unkempt, even if everything else has been properly cleaned. More issues can be dust accumulation, bad odours, mould, bacteria and others. According to the experts from CleanersHampstead, the thorough cleaning of the carpet/upholstery will make the place look brighter, cleaner and more welcoming. What is more, your carpets will stay clean and good looking for longer. By maintaining them in such condition, you will be able to prolong their life and reduce the amount of wear and tear that may be caused by excess traffic or by an old carpet.

Benefits you will receive from a properly cleaned carpet:

1. A good first impression

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to moving into a new place. One of the first things that are noticeable in a place are the carpets and upholstery. By thoroughly cleaning them, you will ensure the entire place looks brighter, smells fresher and feels amazing.

2. Even colour distribution throughout the carpet

Certain sections of a carpet will undoubtedly see more traffic than others, such as doorways or corridors. If shoes have been worn around the property on a regular basis, the carpets may be a lot dirtier with a lot of stains and discolouration. This may result in unpleasant  marks, streaks and uneven colour areas in a carpet.Having your carpets well cleaned will help you achieve an even colour distribution across the carpet.

3. Remove unpleasant odours

Carpets are pretty much like sponges. Their fibres absorb all kinds of grime, as well as smells in the air. If there is moisture in your property, you may notice that your carpets are smelling damp or musty. Dust and other grime may cause them to smell foul. A deep cleaning of the service will eliminate those and keep them at bay until it is time for the next cleaning session.

4. Improve air quality

All the dust, debris and germs may cause all kinds of reactions (skin irritations, allergies, and even breathing issues). A thoroughly cleaned and disinfected carpet will be free of those and you will notice a significant improvement in the air quality of the entire home.

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