From moving into a new home to renovating your space, you may want to decorate your room due to a number of circumstances. But whenever you take on this momentous task, you have your work cut out for you.

In order to make sure that your new room goes in line with your personal style, you need to keep a few themes in mind. Otherwise, the result won’t match your aesthetic or the decor will look out of place.

To assist you through this process, here are five ideas to decorate a room from scratch.

1. Go Minimalist With Your Approach

When decorating a bare room, consider minimalist decor ideas for a modern yet functional style. In this approach, clean linens, targeted lighting, and clear surfaces reign supreme. As a result, you can enjoy a spacious feel in even the smallest of rooms. This style works best if you are a fan of bare necessities but don’t like clutter.

While decorating with a minimalist point of view, choose a simple palette that uses two to three colors as the base scheme. You’ll also want to use solid fabrics that align with these shades. However, steer clear of small decor on surfaces. To decorate, you can place indoor plants like the Zanzibar plant, Boston fern, bamboo palm, peace lily, and Golden Pothos to add freshness while keeping modernity in check.

2. Show Off Your Personality With Wall Decor

If you want to show some personality with your home decor, look into options such as photo prints and poster prints that you can hang on your wall. Browse the internet to find discounts and deals that allow you to get a 16×20 canvas for free. This makes this approach quite budget-friendly and still delivers stunning visual results.

The choice of images can range from your family’s most memorable milestones to your favorite pop culture moments. But whatever type of imagery you want to display on your designated walls, make sure to invest in the correct lighting to show it off properly. This is where you can use picture lighting accents to their maximum effect.

Picture of a Wall Decor

3. Use Multifunctional Modern Decor

Multifunctional furniture is becoming highly popular among those who have  to work with smaller spaces. If you belong in that category, this idea might be the perfect fit for you. The best part? The most practical tips for modern furniture use are quite easy to follow and result in remarkable results

This decor approach is similar to the minimalist style. The main difference between the two styles is its use of bold colors and more defined furniture options. Statement vases, sectional sofas, and sumptuous rugs can help you create a room that emulates this style. Just ensure to leave ample space to move around, and you will be all set.

4. Look Into Japanese Style

If your ancestors come from East Asia, you might want to reconnect with your roots with your home decor. That’s where ideas for Japanese style decor can work their magic. This approach calls for natural lighting, organic design elements, and the use of wooden accents. When put together, it evokes a minimalist look but with a focus on natural decor.

You can look into certain decor elements, such as a screen divider or a low-length table, to complete the look. With other accents, including cherry blossom plants and themed canvas prints, you can have a refreshing space that stands out from the crowd.

5. Go Bold With the Use of Colors

If you want your room to show off your vibrant personality, don’t hold back from using bold colors. From vivid yellows to intense pinks, you can use any shade you want to decorate your walls, floors, and furniture. However,  you still need to make sure that your bold choices don’t get dimmed by using neutral colors.

When it comes to the style of furniture, you can take your pick from a variety of choices. While sleek fabrics can often look great with this approach, shaggy throw pillows and rugs take these visuals to another level. With a mix of modern and cozy furniture, you can make the most out of this theme. 

With these suggestions in mind, you can easily turn your new room into a distinct space that represents your personality. This goes a long way towards creating a relaxing and comfortable room.

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