Before buying anything, you need to know if they are of good quality or not. That’s the only way to know that what you are getting will prove value for your money. When you want to get blind shutters for windows, the idea is the same; you need to figure out quality.

Your home tells your story for those who visit and even those who see it from across the road. And the kind of shutters you have on will also tell a story about you. If you have a quality one, the better the house will look and the more of an impression you’ll make.

Choosing the right one isn’t something everyone knows, and that’s why you need this guide to know what to look for. Here’s a simple way of telling good from bad quality blind shutters.

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The design is the first thing you want to look at when getting a good quality shutter. The design will draw you into the shutter; it needs to be something classy. You need to look at the number of louvers the shutter around the louver area.

Whether it is a wooden shutter or a metal windows shutter, you need to ensure that the design appeals. For the quality shutters, they usually have around five louvers. If you find one with less, that can be considered a less quality shutter.

Even if you are going for a custom-made shutter, you need to ensure you look at the various designs first. You’ll find the quality ones have from five louvers going up.


The next way you can tell quality shutters from the bad quality ones is the layers of paint on them. Any manufacturer will try to cut down the production price, and they will at times only use a layer of paint. It would help if you avoided such shutters; they aren’t good quality.

Some of the best shutters in the market have at least two coats of paint applied to them. It is easy to tell if the shutter has one layer coat of paint. It usually has a rough exterior than the one with two coats of paint which is normally a smooth feel about it.


It would help if you then looked at the hinges for good-quality shutters. First, there are two types of hinges that shutters typically have, butt hinge and non-mortise hinge. And you can easily spot the difference in the details as the butt hinge is like a butterfly shape.

When they are folded [butt hinge], they form a ‘butt’ up the pattern. The non-mortise flaps double over the other. They are also normally around half the total of the hinge height. You need to look at both of them carefully before making a move to get them.

When you go for the one with the butt hinge, it will be more expensive than the one with the non-mortise hinge. The non-mortise hinge is cheaper and is also unstable compared to the butt hinge. You need to go for the butt hinge shutter if you want good quality.


Black shutter for windows needs to be thick enough if they are quality. Suppose you see the other side easily, even though the louver; isn’t good quality. The thickness in most cases will also indicate the shutter is strong too.

When the shutter is solid and thick, you will find that it can handle the storms quite easily than with the weak ones. You also need to check the thickness of the louvers while you check for the overall thickness. If they seem thick enough, they probably are thick enough.

Material Quality

You are now to the material quality, where you need to take your time. If you are going for metal windows shutters or wooden ones, you need to ensure the material quality is right. Different materials will present different rates – ensure you know how to tell the difference.

When you want to go for the wooden shutters, you are better suited for the one made of hardwood. They present you with unique quality shutters that can withstand all weather. You need to ensure that the material for the shutters has gone through the proper tests and passed.

The shutter price will also likely go up when the materials are high-quality ones. The cost can also be a great idea when looking for the difference between a good quality shutter and a bad one.

Intended Use

Before you install shutters, you need to know what your intentions are. Most of the time, people will install shutters for protection during storms. But that doesn’t mean you need to get any because they are strong to withstand hurricanes.

It would help if you also looked at how they look despite it all. They can also work as part of the exterior décor of your home in the long run, so they need to look great. Depending on your area, you also need to get professionals to help guide you on the type you need.

The professional will ensure that the shutters you get can perform the task you need them to and well.

Installation Process

The installation process is another thing you need to look at when looking at good-quality shutters. Most of the time, when you go to buy shutters, you forget to ask about the installation process. This should be a part that the salesperson explains well.

For example, if the installation process includes a nail, you will have a shutter that’s already off the wall. When you drive the nails in, they tend to leave out some spaces. However, they are the quickest way you can use to install the shutters.

You need to look at the shutters that you can install with screws. Screws will take longer to install, but they are pretty stable enough and won’t have the gaps in between. If the shutter also uses screws to hold the frame up, they need to be countersunk screws or strong magnets.


Before you buy any shutter, you need to ensure its quality. It would help if you only got good-quality shutters when purchasing shutters for your windows. These are some of the best ideas that you can use to tell good quality shutters from lousy quality blind shutters.

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