How To Style A Small Outdoor Space

Just because you have a small yard, balcony, or garden space, it doesn’t mean that you can skimp on style. You don’t need ample room to make a statement.

Whether you need the space to lounge during summer or host a barbecue, you can still style it. Today we have some tips on how to transform your outdoor space into the perfect hangout spot.

Don’t use too many colors; keep it neutral.

Avoid using too many colors when choosing the color for your small space because they can overwhelm a small space. Choose neutral colors like brown or white. For example, you can have white tiles or furniture with a warm brown tone. Then choose one item to be your pop of color, like a colored pouf. This will be your loud piece and will draw the eye to it rather than having different colors to make the space look scattered and even smaller.

White floors will create the illusion of more space, but if you have grass, that will work too. The warm golden tone is perfect with outdoor lighting. Especially when the sun is up, it will look breathtaking. You can also add some striped pillows to complement the neutral colors you choose.

Use multifunctional furniture

Use multifunctional furniture

When buying your teak garden furniture, choose multifunctional furniture as this will leave enough space to maneuver and allow you to have few pieces you can use for different purposes. For example, having a seat or table double up as a storage box, allows you to have fewer items in the space and storage space to store away stuff you need later.

Multifunctional furniture will work perfectly for your small space, especially if you like hosting people outside. The storage box can serve as a seating area whenever needed.

Faux grass

How To Style A Small Outdoor Space: Faux grass

There are varying opinions about using faux grass on your outside space, but we agree you can use it so long as you do it right. Faux grass is perfect for an apartment setting with a balcony to give it the lawn feel. To ensure the faux grass looks amazing, ensure you cover the entire outdoor space to define the area. Use a professional to find artificial grass in Yucaipa, CA and set it the right way to eliminate any harsh edges that indicate its artificial grass.

You can even add some fresh plants to make it even look real. Faux grass is easy to maintain, and just because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t give it a look of an actual lawn.

Vertical garden

Vertical garden

Even with a small space, you can create a beautiful and vibrant garden. Using potted plants to hang up and create a vertical garden will be easier on a balcony. This will direct attention up, and the room will not seem clattered. Potted plants will give you the flexibility to change them and move them whenever you need the space.

Don’t let your small outdoor space define the style or decor you can have. Instead, you can utilize the space and decorate it to fit your style with the tips mentioned above.

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