A bedroom is a personal sanctuary- a place where you can unwind, relax, and love coming back to at the end of the day. And decorating and styling a bedroom has never been this easy before.

Minimalist, bohemian, or contemporary look- choose a type that reflects your personality. Your bedroom should be a cozy and inviting space with comfort and style as a preference. Also, don’t hesitate to experiment with different elements, such as lightning, color schemes, plants, textiles, etc., to create the space of your dreams.

Are you pondering over where to start decorating your bedroom? Don’t stress anymore! We have curated expert-inspired ideas to make it a haven of comfort and style.

12 decorating tips to style and decorate your bedroom

  1. Determine your style

Research through magazines, social media, or websites to get ideas for inspiration on the bedroom style. Decide whether you want to give your bedroom a bohemian, contemporary, traditional, modern, or minimalist look.

  1. Plan the layout

Take measurements, create floor plans, and evaluate shape and size to understand how different furniture will be placed. Also, ensure to have ample space for easy movements.

  1. Choose a color scheme.

Start decorating by selecting the preferred color pellet. You can opt for neutral colors such as white, grey, and pastels which promote a calming atmosphere or go with vibrant colors such as yellow or blue, which promote personality and energy to a space.

  1. Play with lightning

Lightning is essential to create a cozy and warm space. You can choose from ceiling lights, bedside lamps, fairy lights, and others to set the mood of your bedroom.

  1. Focus on the bed

Undoubtedly bed remains to be the focal point of a bedroom. So make it comfortable and inviting. Style it with plush pillows, cozy blankets, comforters, and duvet. Also, remember that your headboard or canopy gives an entirely elegant look.

  1. Decorate with wall art.

While empty walls make a space dull and uninspiring, walls with artworks, photographs, or prints reflect style and interests. You can even choose to create a gallery wall. Simply mix up differently-sized frames to give a blank wall a makeover. Otherwise, choose a large statement piece that serves as a focal point of the wall.

  1. Incorporate greenery

Plants add a next-level vibe to any space. It gives a touch of nature and even improves the space’s air quality. If you are a beginner, choose low-maintenance indoor plants such as peace lilies and succulents. Place these plants strategically on shelves or hang them from the ceiling.

  1. Add storage solutions

Your bedroom should be clutter-free as it promotes a calm, relaxed, and stylish vibe. You can invest in stylish storage solutions to keep your belongings organized in style and out of sight. Choose bedside tables, ottomans, boxes, or baskets with storage options.

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  1. Create a cozy sitting area.

If you have extra space, place a comfortable armchair with a cozy blanket, floor lamp, or a small side table to place your favorite book or a cup of coffee. You can utilize this space for rejuvenation, meditation, or enjoying your ideal time.

  1. Decorate the windows

Do not ignore the windows. You can dress it with curtains, blinds, or shades to give your bedroom a sense of aesthetic, privacy, and lighting controls. Remember to opt for fabrics and patterns that follow the overall style.

  1. Experiment with textiles

Add warmth and coziness to the space with the right textiles, such as area rugs, curtains, blinds, etc. You can layer curtains with sheer panels to give them an ethereal appearance. Remember to experiment with chosen elements’ patterns, textures, and styles to create depth and visual interest in the bedroom.

  1. Pay attention to details.

Scented candles, decorative objects, and other valuable mementos ad other small objects add personality to the space. It reflects who you are and your interest and promotes a sense of familiarity.


Today you can get endless inspiring ideas to style and decorate your bedroom. However, remember to create a space that promotes relaxation and brings joy when you return to it at the end of the day. The key is to incorporate your personality in designing the bedroom of your dreams.

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