The BBQ season may be coming to a close, but before you put away your barbeque equipment for winter storage there are a few things you should know about how to properly prepare the BBQ cover and the BBQ itself. This is an important part of storing your BBQ equipment because it will maintain its quality and it will also extend the life of your BBQ cover.

In order to make sure that your barbeque equipment is fully functional when you want to use it again next summer it’s essential that this process is done correctly.

This blog details everything from how to clean up your BBQ as well as what steps need be taken with the BBQ itself, as well as the BBQ cover.

Clean Up The Barbecue Equipment:

Cleaning and Preparing The Barbeque Equipment for Winter

Rinse off BBQ Grill:

The first step you should take with your BBQ equipment is to rinse it off. This will help get rid of any insects or dirt that may be on the BBQ itself. If there are large chunks of food still stuck to the BBQ, make sure that you use a metal brush to scrub them off. Additionally, if there are pieces of the BBQ cover left behind on your BBQ grill; it’s recommended that you remove them as soon as possible because they could eventually rust and potentially damage your BBQ equipment during storage. You don’t need to do anything too complicated with this part of the process; just rinse off all excess debris from the BBQ itself, making sure not to overlook any areas where grease has been accumulating. After this step is complete you can move on to the next step.

Clean BBQ Grates:  

If there are large chunks of food stuck to your BBQ grates, use a metal brush that is specifically designed for BBQ grill cleaning in order to scrub them off. Make sure that you do this over a garbage bag or somewhere where excess debris can be easily disposed of. If it’s an option, try running your BBQ at lower temperatures for a longer period of time before cooking anything on it again; this will make it easier to remove any leftover debris from the BBQ grate.

Wash BBQ Grill With Soap And Water:  

After you have removed all the excess food and grease from your barbeque equipment, wash with soap and water using a sponge or rag. This will help get rid of the remaining grease and dirt that may be stuck to your BBQ grill. Also, make sure that you take the time to scrub off any burnt residue because this could eventually start to smell if it’s left alone throughout winter storage. If you do not have access to soap and water, use a BBQ cleaner in order to remove all excess debris from both the BBQ grates as well as the BBQ itself; then rinse with clean water until all of the detergents has been removed.

Clean BBQ Cover and Vinyl Patio Furniture:  

One thing many people overlook when storing their BBQ equipment is how they should also prepare their BBQ cover for winter storage; which can sometimes be harmful if it’s not done correctly. Therefore, in order to clean the BBQ cover material, you should take a regular brush and scrape off any spider webs or dirt that has accumulated over the BBQ season. Additionally, you should also wipe down the interior of your BBQ cover with a rag in order to get rid of any excess food or grease from the BBQ season.

After this is completed you need to make sure that all remnants of dish detergent are removed from both your BBQ grill as well as the BBQ cover itself; along with making sure that no dirt from your BBQ equipment is left behind on either. Make sure that everything is thoroughly rinsed in order to avoid any issues with rust during storage.

Prepare The BBQ For Winter Storage:  

In order to prepare your BBQ for winter storage, make sure that you check all the exterior padding of the BBQ cover. If there is any excess dirt or food from BBQ season stuck to this padding, make sure that you take a cloth and wipe it off completely. In addition to this, if there are any cracks or tears in your BBQ cover itself; make sure that you either fix them with duct tape before applying a new one during BBQ season next year.


By following these steps you should be able to clean BBQ equipment in almost no time at all. While it may take a little longer than the regular BBQ season, the end result will be worth it because your BBQ grill and BBQ cover will look much better when you put them out for BBQ season next year. The last thing you want is to redo everything again during BBQ season simply because you didn’t have enough time or energy to put into cleaning BBQ equipment over winter storage.

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