Your living room might serve several purposes, depending on your lifestyle and the time of day. It might be a social area, or a place for solo entertainment, or even an impromptu office when you’re working from home.

The most important function of a living area, however, is to help you to relax. Decorating the space appropriately should therefore be a priority. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which we might make our living space that little bit more homely.

Use long curtains

Curtains are a source of texture and depth – and when they’re long, they can help to bring the room together vertically. Thicker curtains will help to exclude sunlight more effectively, especially when paired with blackout linings. You’ll also have an easier time creating darkness when you want to watch a film, and you’ll save on your energy bills, too.

Use rugs

A thick rug will add a cosy accent to the centre of the room. It’s an especially vital addition when you have a solid wood or tiled floor. Go for a large one, and make sure that all of your furniture is positioned around it.

Use the right colours

Certain colours are more easily associated with warmth and cosiness. By and large, they’re the colours of sunlight, fire and natural things. Avoid bright and overbearing colours, especially yellows.

Scent the room

The way that your living room smells will arguably have just as big an impact as the way that it looks. Use candles, diffusers and incense to create the appropriate vibe.

Put up some floating shelves

Floating shelves have the advantage of clearing a space at floor level. They remove visual clutter, and allow you to present a few choice decorative items and books without much trouble. You can put them up yourself with the right tools and the right DIY skills. You can pick up quality tool boxes online, and do the job yourself.

Layer the cushions

With the right amount of cushions on your sofa, you’ll find it to relax at the end of a long day. Usually, this means an odd number – even numbers, paradoxically, have a way of looking unbalanced.

Layer the lighting

Different kinds of lighting can help to brighten the space from many different angles. Put floor standing lights in the corners, and table lamps beside the sofa. You might even drape fairy lights in choice locations, just to create that warming vibe.

Naturally, you’ll want to tend toward warmer kinds of light, or even go for colour-changing bulbs that you can deal with through your voice assistant. Naturally, it’s best to go for efficient LED bulbs rather than older-style halogen ones.

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