How to Install an Outdoor Boiler?

If you live in a location that gets quite cold in the winter, this article can be of great use. Learn about what to look for when considering installation of an outdoor boiler, the process of installation, and how much smarter can boilers help keep track of repairs.

What is an outdoor boiler?

An outdoor boiler is a large piece of equipment used to create steam for your home. An outdoor boiler is also known as a water heater because it makes heat to operate the rest of the system. An outdoor boiler is an alternative to a professional indoor space heater. It works without too much noise. An outdoor boiler sits inside a ceramic pipe that encloses it, so it’s not as visible as other heaters. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to warm your space in cold climates, especially as you can use solar power for free!

What are the benefits of an outdoor boiler?

The outdoor boiler is designed to be installed on a patio or deck attached to your house. It should be constructed out of a material similar to your house’s exterior and will come with mounting hardware, wiring, valves, and digital controls. An outdoor boiler consists of a heating source and a boiler on your ground floor. It is designed to heat an entire building by burning liquids, such as oil or natural gas, typically in a tank that sits in the yard. This heater generally conveys warm air through fiberglass units powered by pumps before circulating it throughout the home.

How to install an outdoor boiler

It is often a good idea to check the local building codes before beginning the installation process.  One important thing to know ahead of time is how much your home will feel the effects of this new heating system. Experts used to recommend installing your boiler on the roof or in some other high place so gravity would make preventing corrosion easier, but this push-fit/glue-in valve will attach easily to most surfaces, and its weighted end helps it keep a tight fit.

What should be considered before installing your outdoor boiler?

Before you install your outdoor boiler, consider these things about your home, outside climate, and potential uses for the unit.

  1. Check if the hole that allows steam to exit exists in your home’s chimney. If not, there may be a dangerous buildup of pressure with no exhaust outlet nearby. You must also check that the fire risks are reduced.
  2. Consider positioning anything under the boiler, like furniture or appliances to avoid anything from damage due to high heat levels.

Things You Should Know Before Installing Your Outdoor Boiler

There is nothing worse than having to wait for your indoor tap water to heat up when you are spending time outdoors, so it’s important to know in advance what you will need before deciding on how to install your outdoor boiler. For example, some things that you should remember about installing an outdoor boiler include being forewarned about the

-Do not run water through the system until it has been working for a couple of hours and then you should be able to continue without issue

-Builders must determine whether the boiler is in compliance with British Standard 5962:2005 by providing a test certificate

-Grounding rods are required because this boiler and others use up current. It could cause problems if it were not grounded properly.


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    Thanks for discussing about how an outdoor boiler can be installed and how you should consider not running water into the system yet for the first few hours. This is very timely since I’m looking up different heating systems I could have for a newly purchased suburban home. I wonder if I’ll be needing lifting services for this.

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